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Like Dutchway, Stark has strong opinions and a different understanding of war from ordinary people. More importantly, Stark is one of Duchwell's most loyal subordinates, otherwise he would not be reused by Duchwell. Among the many officers trained by Dutchway, Stark had the highest political consciousness, so he was brought to the Ministry of Defense by Dutchway to participate in administrative work. Over the past two years, Stark has not let Duchwei down, not only sharing a lot of pressure for Duchwei, but also providing a lot of advice for Duchwei, so that Duchway has gained a firm foothold in the fierce struggle in the Pentagon. However, at this time, Duchwei is not facing Weaslewood, but Blandino. Blandino is also a Democratic president, but the president, who served as governor of New York for 12 years, never agreed with Westwood's foreign policy, and even openly criticized Westwood's mistakes on many occasions. In many ways, Blandino is more like Brudlin, who also came from the governor,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and perhaps that has a lot to do with their similar experiences. Blandino's ability to hold on to his position as governor throughout the Great Depression speaks volumes. The Great Depression, which lasted for more than 10 cars, changed not only the world, but also the United States. During this period, not only the president of the United States changed hands several times, but also the political power of the States changed hands several times. Since 2019, several States that have been Democratic strongholds have changed their owners,304 Stainless Steel Coil, while several States that have also been Republican strongholds have changed their owners, such as California, which has been run by Republican governors for more than 20 years, has fallen into Democratic hands in 2021. Blandino was one of the few governors in the United States who did not lose an election throughout the Great Depression. Blandino's success has a lot to do with his ability to develop the economy. Before the end of the Great Depression, New York State took the lead on the road to recovery and became the locomotive of the American economy. Even during the Great Depression, New York had the highest employment rate of any state. This achievement laid the foundation for Blandino to defeat Bruderlin in the Democratic Party election in 2032. In other words, Bruderlin's defeat had much to do with his role as Westwood's secretary of state. If he had turned down Westwood's invitation to continue as governor, he would probably have become the Democratic presidential candidate in 2032, because when Westwood chose Secretary of State, the second candidate was Blandino. Anyway, Blandino got a shot at the White House. In the general election, Blandino's performance in New York State won him a lot of support, while the Republican presidential candidate made a mistake in his campaign slogan and lashed out at Westwood's weak foreign policy in the general election, believing that it was the key reason for the decline of the United States. The vast majority of voters are not concerned about the lives of millions of Japanese or the living conditions of 1.7 billion Indians, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, but about employment and real income. For the U.S. economy that has just come out of trouble, whoever can provide jobs for 25 million unemployed people and more income for American families will be the ideal president and will be able to live in the White House. Branno captured the mindset of the voters and came up with the right campaign slogan. Although a series of mistakes made by Westwood during his administration greatly reduced the support rate of the Democratic Party, Blandino still won the support of the majority of voters by virtue of his seductive campaign slogans and his outstanding performance in New York State, and eventually won the general electio n by a narrow margin. After living in the White House, Blandino began to fulfill his campaign promise. It has to be said that Blandino was very lucky. When he became president, the Great Depression was over, the global economy began to recover strongly, and the U.S. economy followed suit. Compared to Westwood, Blandino doesn't have much of a mess to clean up, but more to enjoy the fruits of the previous administration. From another point of view, this is also the success of the Democratic Party. Influenced by the international environment, even though Westwood made many mistakes during his administration, the Republican Party is better at leading the United States to expand abroad when the situation is better than developing the economy in adversity.
Many of Westwood's mistakes can be attributed to long-term strategic planning, which regards long-term goals as the main purpose, and Westwood is bound to encounter difficulties in dealing with practical problems. In this way, no matter who, as long as the purpose of economic development, can defeat the Republican Party in the general election. That is to say, both Brudlin and Blandino can enjoy the political achievements left by Westwood after taking office. Apart from anything else, the long-term economic cooperation between Westwood and India was mainly invested by the United States in the initial stage, and the beneficiaries were large American enterprises and consortia; with the deepening of cooperation, American enterprises gradually monopolized the Indian market, and American workers were bound to benefit from this large market with 1.7 billion consumers. After Blandino took office, all he had to do was to strengthen the economic construction on the foundation laid by Westwood. To this end, Blandino launched the largest infrastructure campaign in American history, and he was called "Little Franklin Roosevelt" by almost everyone. Interestingly, Franklin Roosevelt, the Democratic president who led the United States out of the Great Depression in 1929, also came from New York, served as governor for 12 years before becoming president, and showed great economic talent during his tenure as governor. Blandino began to engage in infrastructure construction in 2033, which is in line with the needs of the times. Any energy revolution has a corresponding wave of infrastructure construction. For example, after the birth of the steam engine, the first countries to carry out the industrial revolution, represented by Britain, began to overhaul railways, making trains the main means of transportation and transportation, which eventually changed the world; After the birth of the internal combustion engine, the United States began to overhaul its roads, and automobiles replaced trains as the main means of transportation and transportation, eventually changing the world. The electric revolution is the energy revolution that has the greatest impact on the world since the steam engine and the internal combustion engine. No matter which country wants to catch the first train of the electric revolution, it must keep up with the pace of the times, otherwise it will be abandoned by the times. The United States is not early to start,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but it is not too late. The energy revolution is based on technology, and it is its own technology, not the technology of other countries. sxthsteel.com