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Tianyao ignored her and, without saying a word, pulled away the cup in her hand and opened the steamed bread on the table. Yan Hui was stupefied for a moment, and then pounded the table: "Give me back the food. Why did you take it away?" Without looking back, Tianyao pushed the door and went out. It was not until he closed the door that he glanced back and said, "Wait." All the food has been taken away, and if you can sit and wait, it's not the return of the wild goose. She covered her stomach and hurried out. Chasing Tianyao to the stairway, he saw Tianyao looking back at her, perhaps thinking that she had no problem walking, so he ignored her and continued to walk all the way to the backyard with his things and went to the kitchen. Just finished eating too early, the people in the kitchen of the Forgotten Language Building were preparing for lunch, and no one had used the fire, so Tianyao went in by himself and skillfully operated between the pots and pans. Yan Hui went to the door to look at him, but saw that he poured tea, put steamed bread, found rice to wash the rice, took the pot on the fire to boil,endless swimming pool, here hands and feet quickly cut a fish, a knife cut a piece, neatly shaved out the fish bone completely, and then patted with the back of the knife, three times five divided by two to pick all the thorns on the back one by one. Finally, the processed fish mixed with a few ginger shreds was chopped into foam for a while. In another pot, water was used to remove the fishy smell. Then it was thrown into the pot of boiling rice. Three sections of onion were added and boiled slowly spoonful by spoonful. His technique is skillful and his movements are brisk. I think so. In the past ten years,4 person jacuzzi, Tianyao has lived in that small mountain village. He has no magic. He cooks and washes clothes. Apart from doing it himself, is it difficult for anyone to help him? Of course, he has to do everything by himself. The wild goose looked back at his busy back, and somehow she lost her mind. She had eaten the steamed buns made by Tianyao, and the taste was very good. But at that time, she suffered from the lack of good ingredients in the remote countryside. Otherwise, maybe what he made would be better than what Zhang Da Fatty made in Star Mountain. And this gesture, even if stirred and big iron pot also appears elegant, so handsome and pleasing to the eye of the back, is not a big fat man can catch up with. "If you were a woman, I would marry you home." This sentence devilishly blurted out from the mouth of the wild goose. Then Tianyao's spatula scraped out a "snap" sound at the bottom of the pot, even if there was porridge, whirlpool hot tub ,jacuzzi suppliers, it did not suppress the sound. Tian Yao glanced back at Yan Hui and said, "If you are a man, you are qualified to say this." The wild goose also did not think in retrospect: "Which man can be better than me to you?" “……” It seems to be very reasonable, but it sounds like something is wrong! Tianyao turned around and stopped looking at Yanhui. He concentrated on cooking porridge. Then slowly, the porridge became fragrant. Suddenly, Yanhui sniffed beside him: "It smells good." Her head rubbed out of Tianyao's side and her eyes stared at the porridge in the pot without blinking. You didn't put anything else in it. Why is it so fragrant? Zhang Da Fatty dropped another grade in Yanhui's heart. Tianyao looked down at Yanhui and saw that Yanhui was completely attracted by the porridge in the pot, and his face was rubbing against his arm. Tianyao stood aside, which was good, and Yanhui felt that he had vacated the place, so he squeezed forward again, still standing close to him. Now she's not the one who took the medicine? Don't tell him to go away. Don't touch her and make her blush and heartbeat? What foxy fragrance. The wild goose came back and said that it was not as delicious as a fish porridge. I didn't even look at him when I was standing next to him. Tianyao stirred the pot again. In fact, it is reasonable to say that the porridge at this time still lacks the thickness made by slow fire. But Tianyao did not know what was wrong. A few spoons of porridge were filled out: "Eat it." He put the porridge aside, and the sound of it falling on the stove beside him was a little loud. Yanhui, like a puppy staring at the food, turned his head in the direction of the porridge, then bypassed Tianyao, and in the kitchen, he held a small bowl and began to fill the porridge. Tianyao squinted at her with his head pinned to his side. But the wild goose blew back a few times, ate a spoonful, and then was stunned for a long time. When he turned to look at him again, his eyes seemed to have tears: "So you can cook such delicious food!" Yan Hui's eyes were almost moved: "My stomach is warm, and this bowl of porridge makes me begin to worship you.".
” Tianyao coughed lightly and turned his head away. After a long silence, he looked at the scenery outside the door and said, "I could have done better. I filled it for you because you were so greedy." Yan Hui also ignored him, hurriedly nodded twice, and began to eat by himself. Tianyao didn't get a response for a long time. He turned around and saw that Yanhui was already adding the second bowl. When he was helpless, Tianyao turned up his mouth slightly and laughed in a place where no one saw it. Eat less. Beware of a stomachache. When this sentence first spread to Yanhui's ears, Yanhui did not feel anything, and after a while, she tasted it while eating porridge, how inexplicably with a bit of spoiling. Then she looked up again, and there was still the figure of Tianyao at the kitchen door. It's just hot porridge and hot air, warming the air. In the afternoon, Yanhui felt that his stomach was better, so he did not idle any more and ran to find Feng Qianshuo. Feng Qianshuo was in his room at the right time. When Yan went back, she happened to see another woman standing beside Feng Qianshuo. She was beautiful, but she was much worse than the string song. The wild goose glanced back at the woman and turned to look at Feng Qianshuo. Feng Qianshuo also looked up and down at Yan Hui and said with a smile, "This person who cultivates immortals and Taoism is different after all. He was injured into that virtue yesterday, but he began to be alive and kicking again in just one night.". The recovery ability of the wild goose girl is really an eye-opener for me. "Lord Feng really thought I was an immortal. How could I get better so quickly? I still have a stomachache." Feng Qianshuo shook his fan and smiled. "Oh, the wild goose girl is not recovering in her room now. What are you looking for me for?" "Before I entered the room, I had only two things to say,outdoor endless pool, but after I entered the room, I suddenly had three things to say." Feng Qianshuo smiled. "Miss Yan, let's talk about it first." 。 monalisa.com