About Me

My wife and daughter came to stay with me and my daughter was sleeping in the living room and the light kept going on and off.On occasions when I’d come upstairs and walk under the light, it would come on and then switch off again.It seemed that Gary was experiencing a heightened sense of paranormal activity never seen before in the building and I can only put it down to him being ‘the new guy’ and the ghost just playing around.I’m not really sure.I guess I’ll never know the true history of the Asian ghost living there, as a quick Google search for any historical data came up with nothing and in the end I guess it doesn’t really matter.Gary is the one left living there and I’ve offered to help him in any way I can if things get too much.Meanwhile the lights continue to switch on and off, there’s still a creepy feeling in the living room and stairwell and whoever works there in the future will walk with a sense of urgency when the lights are switched off in the offices down below.I just knew this must be a sign!However, the retreat was in Byron Bay and I lived on the other side of the country.The retreat didn’t come cheap, so there was going to have to be some crafty negotiations with Andy to pull this off successfully.‘You haven’t seen your brother in Queensland for a while have you?Maybe we could combine a holiday visiting him with the Monroe Institute retreat in Byron Bay?We both need a bit of a break,’ I suggested, but more like manipulated.You are then guided to different levels of consciousness called focus levels, similar to going into a deep meditation and the space between awake and asleep.I’d read plenty of stories from people who’d been on the course and made ‘contact’ with deceased loved ones and have had life transforming experiences, and this is just what I wanted.My expectations were very high, bordering on exploding!However, I wasn’t sure what form the experiences would take and that was gently playing on my mind every now and then as it was the great unknown.What should I expect?I was starting to lose that ‘control’ again.After marvelling at the tropical beauty of the retreat centre and meeting the other course participants in that awkward kind of ‘I don’t know you at all, but we’re going to be sharing some very intimate parts of ourselves’ kind of way, I started to panic.It was a full body panic.A sense of dread came over me and I was faced with another of my greatest fears.We were asked to remove our watches and turn off phones and laptops as we were ‘stepping out of time’ for the six days to focus on our inner journey.Luckily I didn’t wear a watch, but it was almost a struggle to switch off the mobile phone and laptop and I had to prevent myself from sneaking looks in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep.I was slowly losing confidence that the universe was on my side and it was deliberately poking me with a sharp stick just to be annoying.This program is about letting go of left brain control and trusting the right brain to be open.‘Let the left brain be the reporter so it just reports on what the right brain experiences and then you can analyse it later’ was the guidance given by Irene, the course facilitator, and whenever she said it she would smile and look around the room at our blank and stunned expressions.You suddenly realise how spoonfed we are since birth, through upbringing, schooling, religion and work.We’re told what to think, what to say, how to behave, what the answers should be and what is right and what is wrong.It seems it’s almost a sin to want to be an explorer and have an adventurous spirit, but that’s exactly what you need to have in order to go where our small group of 15 people was going.The paradox I was faced with was that in order to find evidence of the afterlife, I had to let go of my search for it.I wanted to experience the afterlife on my terms yet that very desire would block any other experiences coming through.