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God knows why he came up with this idea. Probably before that, the old man had told himself several times about the place where people lived in the outside world. He envied it and secretly tried to build it, but never succeeded. In the absence of practical direction and knowledge, he only made some strange things that were neither fish nor fowl and fell down in the wind, which only made the old man laugh. This request was indeed strange, but the old man agreed without hesitation. For the next few days, the two men did not do any training, but worked together to collect materials. The old man drew a blueprint, asked for his own opinions, and after designing together, they built a house from wood and thatch one by one. Although he was one of the three sages, the old man was not only not a skillful craftsman, but even his basic skills as a carpenter were barely satisfactory. After the house he had built collapsed three times, one night, he was kicked down from the tree again from his sleep. What he heard was not the roar of a tiger, but a burst of laughter from the old man. Ha-ha! Little beast, open your eyes and see! That's what your father is capable of! Looking closely, he found that the old man was standing proudly in front of him. He finally achieved his goal and built a stable wooden house. Although it looked ridiculous, it was a real house with doors and windows. Until he left the mountain, the crooked house had not even fallen off half of the thatch. Usually raindrops do not enter, there is no danger of leakage, the most exaggerated is a time when eight tigers chase endlessly,collapsible pallet box, after hiding in the house at a critical moment, hit the wall outside, the board did not break at all, on the contrary, the tigers all fainted, watching themselves stunned, next to the old man kept boasting of his craftsmanship. Originally, I admired the old man's means of reaching heaven,ibc spill containment pallet, but now that I think about it, it is natural that this ancient master of magic, frustrated by a small wooden house for himself, became angry from embarrassment and cheated secretly. After building the house, he strengthened it with the power of heaven, which made a super wooden house come out. Finished the house, there were doors and windows, but the furniture was still a big problem. I thought the old man would slip down the hill to buy it, but I didn't expect him to find a pile of wood and chop it honestly. Looking at his serious and attentive appearance, it was really a warm feeling in my heart. With these, it's almost the same. When you get older in the future, you won't say that I haven't done anything for you, and you haven't enjoyed a good day. When everything was finished, the old man looked at his work and seemed to be very sad. But from then on, he left himself alone in the mountains and went out to travel alone. He often walked for months and nearly half a year. When he came back, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, he told himself some old stories and stories from the outside world. Life was very hard. At that time, what I thought all day was that one day I would leave this ghost place and go to the colorful world outside. I never had any nostalgia for this barren mountain. But in the bottom of my heart, the crooked wooden house is my most real "home". What kind of place is the so-called home? A place to live, it's not a home! If you just want to find a place to rest and stay, any hotel is OK, but no one will take the hotel as the owner. When you open the door, you can only see tables, chairs and beds, which are empty. Cold and loneliness will submerge people in an instant. Such a place will not become "home". Snow once criticized that the ivory white pagoda is not for the living to live in, which is more or less the truth. After recognizing Nell and marrying Xiaocao, I slowly realized that the so-called home should be a place to return to. When I pushed open the door, there would be someone inside who kindly said "Welcome home". Such a place could be regarded as home. In the past, I always believed that when I returned to the mountain again, in that small cabin, there would be a person who welcomed me as before, making a pot of hot tea together, talking about all kinds of things when I was wandering outside. This idea has given me a lot of motivation and support, in a way, because I don't want to lose face in front of the old man when I go back to the mountain, so I have been working hard so far. But at the moment.. The old man who would open the door for himself in that cabin is no longer alive.
Hateful! Why didn't you think of it before? Things in the world, is very difficult to say, life, death, gathering, parting, every moment is constantly staged in the world, now still talking and laughing with their relatives and friends, once separated, no one can guarantee that there will be the next chance to meet ah! Why do you believe that the old man will always be waiting for you in the mountains? No matter how many outstanding achievements he had in the past, now he is just an old man in his twilight years, and he is sick, why did he not think of these, but still like when he was a child, in his heart as a giant who will not fall? …… Fuck Smelly old man.. It's nothing to die without saying a word! I haven't had time to tell you that I have made such a big career without humiliating you. I haven't had time to surpass you. I haven't had time to.. Honor you..) If we say that the death of his wife almost tore Lancelot's heart in two on the night of Kigaloo's death, we are now shocked to hear that his adoptive father has passed away, and that his whole heart has been cut out. We can even say that all the memories of his childhood, the self on the barren mountains of Hangzhou, have been torn up all at once. Too big a blow, Lancelot did not know how he left the Taiyan Institute, but subconsciously came to the hotel street, looking for a random one, went in and drank liquor. During the drinking, it seemed that a lot of people came to talk to me, but I didn't pay attention to it, and I couldn't pay attention to it. I just drank a big bowl after a big bowl. When I felt that the place was too noisy, I got up and left, and changed to a new place to drink again. From house to house, I don't know how much liquor I drank and how much I vomited. The consciousness in my mind was already a little dazed,plastic pallet bins, but the grief that kept biting my heart did not fade at all. Never thought, when a person found that he had no place to go back, that feeling was so uncomfortable. binpallet.com