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How to coax him to come back was a headache for Xiaoxiao. She remembered that she apologized to him immediately, but he didn't seem to accept it. Does he think he lacks sincerity? Or Find something he likes to coax him back. On the things that Shen Bi likes, she still has some experience. For example, out-of-print medical books that have been lost for a long time, prescriptions that can cure all diseases, or precious medicinal materials that he cherishes very much, such as a stone lotus flower that he has collected for a long time and has been reluctant to use, and finally had to dispense medicine last month. Xiaoxiao knows that this stone lotus is very rare, although it can not be attributed to what it grows every five years, blossoms every ten years and so on, but its rarity is absolutely endangered and so on. This kind of stone lotus flower can only be found in Xianxia Mountain, a hundred miles away from the capital. Xiaoxiao happened to know where this plant would probably grow and decided to go to the mountain to pick flowers. Now is the tail of summer, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the best time. The warmth of summer is especially there, and the early autumn is refreshing and pleasant. When Xiaoxiao arrived at Xianxia Mountain, he saw flowers everywhere, brocade on the slopes, long grass and deep forests, and sometimes wild animals. It felt like a nature reserve. She knew that the stone lotus grew on the cliff, and there could not be a large clump of plants nearby to block the sun, so she went to the bare stone wall to look for it. Strange to say, Xianxia Mountain is rarely visited by people on weekdays, especially after it was enclosed as a royal hunting paddock three months ago,14 needle valve, it refused to be approached by ordinary people. And wherever she went today, very close to the royal enclosure, she saw several hunters with swords and bows in the woods. She was light and agile, but she did not disturb anyone. After a long time, she finally found a stone lotus under a cliff. This stone lotus grows on the steep stone wall more than thirty feet below the cliff, and it has to hang down the rope. She tied a rope to a pine tree with a crooked neck, grasped the hemp rope and climbed down the cliff. Seeing that the stone lotus was about three feet away from her right hand, she pulled the rope and planned to take a step across to pick the flower. Fang took a step,pipe fittings manufacturer, and suddenly someone below shouted, "There's a snake under your feet!" She is most afraid of snakes, this surprise is no small matter, scared her head crash, the next action is purely natural reaction. She threw herself and grasped the herb, and at the same time the rope she was holding was loosened, and her free hand was holding anything and jerking the head of the snake at her feet. Below, the warning man stared at her movements. It was hard to believe that there were such fools in the world. In her opinion, it was better to be bitten by a snake than to let go of the life-saving rope. Then she discovered that the man who collected herbs had nothing to rely on, and the place where his hands and feet fell was just above her head. When Xiaoxiao fell, his hands danced wildly, trying to catch something, and he grabbed the vine and fell on the head below. The man below had pulled the vine in his left hand and held the broken sword in his right hand and inserted it into the crevice of the stone to support it. When she hit him like this, the broken sword in his right hand broke immediately to the hilt, and his body fell again. She was so angry that she had already scolded the other side, and suddenly her left hand tightened and was held by the girl. Xiaoxiao had stuffed the herbs into her arms, 38 tube fitting ,12 needle valve, holding a protruding stone on her head with one hand and holding her hand tightly with the other. The two men hung in a string at the foot of the cliff. The mountain wind shook his clothes, and the man who was pulled found that the girl's knuckles on the stone were blue and white, and her thin arms trembled a little, knowing that she could not hold on for long. She didn't want to have such a thin woman to save her today. She was a little short of breath and sighed, "You let go of my hand and climb up by yourself." "What are you talking about?" Xiaoxiao looked down at her. She was in a commanding position, and although she could not see the man's face clearly, she still felt that the man's eyes were full of light, not like the eyes of a man who wanted to die. "Do you see a small tree two feet above?" He asked with a smile. The man saw that the tree had the thickness of an arm, and she had thought about it before, but she could not climb two feet in the situation just now. And the clumsy girl wanted to pull her and climb up and grab the tree in such a situation? She thinks there's something wrong with the other person's brain. Xiaoxiao's eyes were shining, and she inspected the clothes on her body. Fortunately, today, for the convenience of collecting herbs, I wore a short skirt. I was afraid that my clothes would be wide, so I tied them up with a belt.
Goose yellow belt, tied two turns around the waist, tied a butterfly knot, the end is hanging next to the onion green belt knot, the belt is more than three feet long, as long as you grasp such a shake. She could not help but bend her head to the man below and say with a smile, "As long as I untie my belt and wrap it up at the moment I let go, I will be able to entangle the tree!" "Once you let go," said the man, "you'll fall. It's impossible to do so many things in a snap of your fingers." "You know," he said with a smile, "the Buddhists say that a snap of a finger is sixty moments. For me, Chang Yue, a few moments are enough to do one thing well! Say, take a deep breath, gas sink Dantian, suddenly let go. The man felt that instead of falling down, she rose up to meet him, and with a whoosh, a belt shook straight in the air, like a snake wrapped around the tree. She suddenly realized that this man might be able to do it. However, in the next moment, the upward trend has been exhausted, not as static as thought, but a sharp decline. It failed! The two of them held hands, pulled and pulled, bumped and bumped, and occasionally bumped into some protruding rocks and a Bush growing out of the cliff. Xiaoxiao was also unwilling to scratch with his free hand. Finally, he slowed down a little, and finally rolled straight to the top of the cliff. The grass grew luxuriantly under the cliff, the soil was soft, and the two men fell on it, neither of them was fatal, but they could not move for a moment. After resting for a long time, Xiaoxiao propped himself up and felt sore and painful all over. He was about to fall apart. He could not help sighing: "What bad luck!" The man who fell down with her was still lying quietly in the grass. Seeing that she was able to climb up, he could not help sighing,38 needle valve, "You are nothing. My leg seems to be broken." "Broken?" Xiaoxiao came over and touched her leg. The man suddenly saw that she was only wearing a pair of triangular trousers next to her body. The trousers outside had disappeared, revealing two thin legs. He changed color and said, "You.." 。 chinaroke.com