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In the distance, in the peak on the north side of the big array, Mr. Gulin and Mr. Shuijing have been staring at the place where Princess Qianyou has gone. Shuijing, didn't you say that none of this group of people had reached the age of yuan Ying? What's the use of that? Gulin frowned and asked Mr. Water Mirror. Chuang array is different from martial arts. In the big array, the role of these people is not worse than that of the people in the yuan Ying period. It depends on how to arrange it. Just like the prince, although it is the golden elixir period, if it comes to the battle array, it is not difficult for the people of the yuan Ying period to die under the prince. Mr. Water Mirror shook his feather fan and opened his mouth. "Well," Gulin nodded with satisfaction, as if for the first time he felt that the words of the water mirror were so pleasant to hear. After a while, the crowd fell to the top of the mountain. Zhong Shan walked down from Yunqian Flying Sword and looked at the group of people with Yinglan, a handsome young man, a refined man with a feather fan in his hand, and the rest of the people like bodyguards. These people's eyes are full of a kind of arrogance, even those bodyguards, also seem to look down on Zhongshan a group of people in general, although not to say sniffy, but there is no enthusiasm. Mr. Shuijing, I've brought the people of Kaiyang Sect. It's up to you how to break through the battle. Gu Qianyou is facing the humanity of holding a feather fan. The man smiled and walked up to the crowd. Another handsome young man, however, looked at it slightly. At most, he stopped looking at the sad hair, the spirit of heaven, and the face of heaven. Instead,information kiosk price, he looked at Gu Qianyou. Princess Youlao. Mr. Water Mirror nodded. Princess? The crowd looked at the ancient Qianyou with some doubts. You are all from Kaiyang Sect. What do you think of cracking the golden lock array? Mr. Shuijing looked at the ten men and suddenly asked. I only know that the eight-door golden lock array is a battle array, which is not easy to break, and I just broke through this array not long ago. This array is too complicated. God said with a frown. God kill behind, everyone is nodding. Sad Qingsi bit her lips and did not say much, although sad Qingsi had some understanding of this array, but still chose to remain silent. Zhong Shan is also silent, there is no socket, and at the moment he should hide his light and bide his time. Several disciples of the Kaiyang Sect behind him nodded their heads. Cut ~ " The young man,temperature screening kiosk, who had never looked at Zhong Shan and others, suddenly burst out laughing, apparently disdaining this group of Kaiyang people. The eight-door golden lock array was opened by the death of the wounded Du Jing. The array opened eight doors. It was an array on the battlefield. It contained Jiazun, Sanqi, Liuyi, and the change of the ten heavenly stems. Together, the big array transformed life and death, transformed soldiers, and never tired. If you want to break the array, when a group of elite entered from the door of life, disturbed the big array from the door of view, and the main force took this opportunity to rush into the wounded door and go straight to Longan. Perhaps the British orchid is straightforward, perhaps led the troops for many years more warm-blooded, after seeing those people cast contemptuous eyes, the British orchid did not hesitate to open his mouth. When Yinglan opened her mouth, Zhong Shan looked at her, his eyes flashed a trace of satisfaction, face recognition identification kiosk ,temperature scanning kiosks, gratified by Yinglan's achievements, because in this eight-door golden lock array, Yinglan had more research than herself, and her research was more thorough. What Yinglan was talking about was the eight-door golden lock array she had arranged before, a big array piled up by people, not the fantastic sandstorm array in front of her, but it didn't matter, Zhong Shan was still proud. Chapter 39 static array and battle array. Yinglan tells about the reduced version of the eight-door golden lock array in the mortal world, but the eyes of Princess Qianyou and Mr. Shuijing are still bright. The eight-door golden lock array is far more simple than what Yinglan said, but what Yinglan said is the skeleton of the eight-door golden lock array, just like the general outline of a secret book. Although it is not difficult to know these, as long as a general who knows the army, can learn some, but not everyone will. The most direct manifestation is the eleven people in front of them, only this black-robed woman said it out. Tiansha showed a trace of doubt, but the young Gulin on the other side frowned. Qianyou princess eyes flashed a ray of light, to some interest, because, Yinglan said the method of breaking the array, just happens to coincide with what Mr. Shuijing said, Mr. Shuijing said it was the original state, but even in the most primitive state, only one person presided over the big array, not everyone knows how to crack it. Mr. Shuijing nodded, with a flash of satisfaction in his eyes, because it would be more convincing if it was said by a group of people in front of him.
"Ladies and gentlemen, when the time comes, follow me to break into the gate of life and help me lead the four monks out of the gate of view. At that time, how about we rush to Longan in the array again?" Mr. Shuijing shook his feather fan and laughed. Hearing what Mr. Shuijing said, Zhong Shan's pupils shrank, not because he agreed with Yinglan, but because his tone guided the monks in all directions? Can the four monks walk like puppets under his guidance? With one's own arrangement, play with the person who breaks into the array in the palm of one's hand? Zhong Shan did not reveal anything, but the heart is full of surprise, this person really so? "Then who broke into the door?" Tiansha frowned. According to this method of breaking through the array, the first person to taste the fruit should be the people who break through the door of injury. Whoever breaks through the door of injury will be the first to reach the big array of longan. Look at God, Mr. Shuijing said with a smile, "These three are not enough for the golden elixir. It's safe to walk through the door. In addition, you can find one of them to go with the princess. We will only have a small number of people here." Mr. Shui Jing ordered Tian Ling'er, Zhong Shan and Ying Lan to break through the door. Looking at the Confucian scholar in front of him, he frowned. Speaking of it, his previous position was just before the door of life, but now he was called before the door of injury. Without the overall planning of Mr. Shuijing, he was also breaking through the door. The injured door must have some advantages, and it's already very good to give Kaiyang Zong this quota. Big brother, I'm going to hurt the door. Sad Qingsi suddenly opened his mouth. Sad Qingsi knew that the person she was looking for was in Longan, and in order to get the evidence, she had to be the first to arrive. Look at the sad hair, God kill an accident, the first time, the first time the sad hair made a request to himself? "Well, then the hair hurts you when you go to the door.". I went to the gate of birth with the younger martial brothers. God immediately nodded in agreement. Then take a short rest. I have sent someone to spread the message. Three days later,touch screen digital signage, on the night of the full moon, when the bright moon is in the sky, we will rush into battle at the same time. Said Mr. Water Mirror. hsdtouch.com