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I looked at the wet and wrinkled clothes and burst into tears. It was sweat, and it seemed to smell a little. "Hey, how can I dress like this?" The mouth of the mouth trembled and the words were incoherent? You You're so.. It's so unkind. "What's the matter?"? It's just a dress. Master Ben is happy. Without waiting for me to continue wailing, he hurriedly pulled me away. Hey, what's the hurry? Where to go? His palms were all sweaty, and his hands were not clean. Buy clothes. He looked back at me with an impatient look on his face. "Look at you tossing and turning with just a few rags. It's too humiliating for me to take you to the street." "Fushadeva!" Uh? Stop and look forward. A fair-skinned girl stopped in front of us with a resentful face. Vshadeva slanted her head and raised her eyebrows to look at her, with a lazy look on her face. Typical romantic drama scene, but I am not the protagonist of this play, I quit. I secretly pulled out his sweaty hand and planned to hide in the corner. He was dragged back before he could take a step. This is good. He's hanging around my neck. The first reaction was: Oh, it's all sweat. "Fushadeva, you." How could you do that? With tears in her eyes, she gave me a murderous look. Isn't that what you see? He hung on me and rubbed his head against my neck. Brother, don't use me as a shield if you don't like it, besides, you're still sweating. "But you said." What did you say? Did I promise you something? You came to the door yourself. "Oh, this girl, you have misunderstood." I laughed shyly and pushed him hard secretly. Alas, this guy is really heavy. He and I are not what you think. With a mouthful, the left side of my face was stuck with a loud kiss, and it was wet. Miserable, now even the face is not clean. The girl was so angry that she stamped her feet and ran with tears. Alas, I sigh. He was not careful to be the protagonist of the romantic drama. Is that what you do to women who like you, Vsatva? "They have to stick themselves up, and everyone has a good time.". The most annoying thing is that they all want to ask for a future in the end. This playboy radish! No wonder his brother implicitly said that he "teased the flowers every day". When I think of Rosh, there is a trace of warmth in my heart. He will never be a playboy like his brother. Although eleven years later.. No,Horse weight lbs, no, no! Ever since I decided to love him my way, I have refused to think about his future wives and concubines. I can't think so far, and I can't care so much. As long as I love him now. "Haven't you ever loved anyone, Vsatva?" "No!" A crisp answer. When I met up with Vshadeva again, I found that ten years later, he was always fooling around, saying things to me that made me angry, and sometimes even made me blush. At first I thought that Vshadeva had other intentions for me, and I was on my guard. However, after a few days of contact, I found that he had the temper of a playboy. Apart from giving me some oil and taking advantage of words, he didn't actually do anything too much. In the street, Adhesive fish ruler ,Diameter tape measure, the women he knew greeted him, and the women he didn't know stared at him in a daze. He always replied to them with a wink and a smile, and the words with a little color came as soon as he opened his mouth, like a popular lover. So, I was also relieved that he had a close contact with me from time to time, in addition to shouting protests and useless dodging, I also began to slowly accept that he was such a person anyway. But I'm really happy to be with him. He can play stooges, can amuse, can constantly change new tricks, looks so sunny and handsome, no wonder so many women are fascinated by him to death, no wonder those women can not get him will be heartbroken. Alas, fortunately, my strength is not generally strong, I can resist the charm of Rosh for so long. Fortunately, my heart is very small, and Rosh has already occupied it. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm one of the resentful women now, watching him cry as he keeps changing women around him. After taking a bath in the evening, I rubbed my hair and went back to my room. I saw the tall radish again. I was so bored that I turned out my sketch book and scribbled with a pencil. Alas, why hasn't this bad habit changed for ten years? That's how he must have consumed the sketchbooks I left behind.
Seeing that I came back, the big turnip threw away the pencil and looked impatient again: "Even if you take a bath, you will wear it. Here, put it on." A new suit of clothes was handed to me. It was soft silk, elegant green, embroidered with bright yellow pomegranate lace. The material was excellent and the workmanship was fine. It must have cost a lot of money. I couldn't help saying, "Fushatva, your way of chasing women is really too high.". A woman can't refuse such a suit. "This is the first time this young master has given something to a woman. They always give something to me. Whether they want it or not depends on his mood." His nostrils were in the air. "Hey, do you want it or not? I'll take it back." Don't! Don't! Quickly took it, "I am also a woman, how can I refuse?" In the 21st century, because I like to travel everywhere and often go on field trips, I always wear T-Shirt jeans and big sneakers. Even my boss sometimes can't help saying that I'm not a girl. Came here, did not want to attract the attention of the ancients, more do not pay attention to wear. However, I am still a girl after all, and it is natural that I will be attracted by beautiful clothes. Do you like it? I nodded and happily picked up my clothes and gestured on my body. His voice sounded in the top of his head, unexpectedly very charming: "Then how do you repay me?" I froze. "What do you want?" "I'm not leaving tonight, okay?" With an ambiguous smile on his lips, he raised a good-looking eyebrow to me, which was his signature action. My face was burning all of a sudden. Why did I say such ambiguous words? What do you mean you're not leaving? What does he want? "Ha ha, just kidding." He laughed. "I'm not that hungry." "But-" he suddenly bent down close to my face,Surveyors tape measure, the face of the ambiguous look more thick, deliberately long tone: "Ai Qing you should not have touched a man, right? You blush when you say that. 。 tapemeasure.net