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Xu Xiangjuan was almost speechless, "Guagua asked his father to buy shoes for his mother, but did Guagua ever see what his father bought for himself?" "Mom bought it for Dad, Dad didn't buy it for Mom, Dad had no money." Guagua still remembers that her mother took her and her father to the department store to buy things years ago. Xu Xiangjuan: "Because father does not have clothes, so mom bought for father, but mom has clothes." Ning bought something for her. Wasn't it a box of vanishing cream before? She's not done yet, but she's almost done. Guagua: "Mom does not have small leather shoes." Xu Xiangjuan said, "There are very few people who have small leather shoes. It's not that my mother doesn't have them. Guagua, how hard my father works. Every day when I go to work, my clothes are not good and broken. And my father won't be the same as Guagua. If I want to eat sugar, I'll ask for sugar. My father doesn't want anything. I'm happy when I'm full every day." Guagua was silent. According to the previous life, she certainly did not have the patience to preach to her children, "Guagua, money has to be used in useful places, Guagua needs money to read kindergarten, his brother needs money to read kindergarten later, these are necessary, children should read kindergarten,gold cil machine, but also read primary and junior high school.." Small leather shoes are not necessary. If Guagua wants to buy something for his father in the future, he can tell his mother that his mother will buy it for his father. If I remember correctly, leather shoes are generally thirty or forty at this time, and there is no fake, although it is not a brand now, but the price is really there. A pair of leather shoes is a year's kindergarten expenses, if the family is not well-off,coltan ore processing, buying leather shoes is a waste of money. Guagua is still very persistent in buying small leather shoes for her mother. "I will make money to buy small leather shoes for my mother later." Xu Xiangjuan: "Good, but when Guagua grows up, Guagua is still a child, and when he grows up, he can make a lot of money." Dad is really hard, Guagua later have anything to say directly to his mother, and his father will only let his father worry, can not solve things, his father has no money. Not knowing that her daughter could understand a few words, Xu Xiangjuan still said what she could say. It was really tiring to preach to the children, thanks to the patience of their fathers. Guagua knew that her mother said so much that her father had no money. Forget it. I won't talk to my father in the future. My father is an honest man without money. When Zhou Chengning returned to the inner room, Guagua was already lying in bed, and his lover was changing clothes for Niuniu. The baby's body is not well developed, and his head is bigger. It's more troublesome to wear a cotton sweater for Niuniu. Xu Xiangjuan just put it on Niuniu and saw Zhou Chengning come back. "Ning, gold shaking table ,chrome washing machine, you play with Niuniu for a while, and I'll tidy up Niniu's bed." Niuniu lay on the big bed, Zhou Chengning took off his shoes and went to bed, looked at Niuniu curiously, and then touched Niuniu's hair. Niuniu's hair was originally supple, but his mother changed it into a cotton sweater. When the cotton sweater was stuck on his head, it was doomed that his hair would grow up, which looked very funny. Zhou Chengning looked at Niuniu's hairstyle and smiled. Niuniu didn't know why his father laughed, but he also laughed. Dad did not provoke himself today, Niuniu children do not remember adults, and dad happy to get along. Xu Xiangjuan took away the small toys on the small bed, laid the quilt flat, took out the small quilt ready to stand far away and shake, and the father and son giggled in her eyes. Niuniu looks much smaller beside his father than beside his mother. Xu Xiangjuan doesn't know if it's because she's not so tall. She won't admit to being short. When Guagua grew up, she was neither too tall nor too short among girls. Niuniu was not as tall as her father now, and her height stopped at 179. Wearing shoes can be 1.8 meters, but compared with my father's height, I will not misunderstand that it is below 1.8 meters, which is a little worse. It's not difficult to find a partner even if you don't wear shoes. She took a fancy to Ning at first sight because he was tall. Sometimes height is more important than appearance. Zhou Chengning invited his lover to look at his son's funny hair. "Juan, Niuniu's hair is so funny. Look at it." Xu Xiangjuan: "What are you looking at? Don't play with Niuniu. Lie inside and go to sleep. If Niuniu can't sleep at night, it's all your fault." Zhou Chengning obediently lay inside, lying on his side and looking at Niuniu's not very obedient hair. After tidying up the small bed, Xu Xiangjuan herself went to bed to tease Niuniu and held Niuniu in her arms. Sleep Found Zhou Chengning staring at himself, Xu Xiangjuan urged him to sleep.
"Juan, I'll go to the mountains to dig bamboo shoots on my two days off." Zhou Chengning did not want to close his eyes to sleep so early and talked about business to divert his lover's attention. When Xu Xiangjuan heard this, she really focused her attention on digging bamboo shoots. "Did Dad say that?"? Why haven't I heard of it? Zhou Chengning: "Spring bamboo shoots grow fast, one after another. I heard Mr. Sun say that he dug a big bag of bamboo shoots on his last day off. Juan, please help me ask Dad if he is free the day after tomorrow." Just as he knew which hilltop bamboo forest was more lush, he was ready to dig on this rest day. Xu Xiangjuan: "There are two days, look at the weather, rain or overcast will not go, catch a sunny day …" If my dad doesn't go, I'll go with you and put Niuniu and Guagua in their grandmother's house. There is still about a month to go before Pure Brightness, and it will rain for a long time when the Pure Brightness arrives. Taking advantage of this period of time when it does not rain to dig bamboo shoots can give the family a variety of food, bamboo shoots fried or stewed soup are delicious, and can also make Qingming dumplings. Zhou Chengning: "Juan, don't go to the mountain. It's hard to walk on the mountain and it's dirty." Xu Xiangjuan: "I know more about the mountain than you do. I have traveled more mountain roads than you. I don't trust you alone. I'll tell you again. You are not allowed to go up the mountain alone. Someone must accompany you." Zhou Chengning: "Juan, I am a big man." Xu Xiangjuan: "What's wrong with you being a big man?" Zhou Chengning: "Not how, when the time comes to see what Dad is the situation is not free." The fields may not be as much as their own men, but it is already a common practice for Xu Xiangjuan to go up the mountain, and several nearby hills have been passed by her and her brothers and sisters, cutting firewood, cutting grass and picking mushrooms. But that was when I was younger,gold heap leaching, and I don't know what it's like to go up the mountain now. ... The school canteen has been opened in the new semester and can buy meals, but the four teachers are still used to bringing their own meals. I have mainly tasted the food in the canteen, but I can't compliment it at present. ore-magnetic-mining.com