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My heart moved, which I almost forgot. The dinner was a success. Sun Yanran and seven, a pair of handsome men and beautiful women, soon became the focus of attention. Under my guidance, they met representatives of several powerful companies. The conversation between the two sides was also very pleasant. Wu Fang talked with Mr. Hein of Henkel Company for a long time, and the two sides seemed to have reached some agreement. At the end of the banquet, Hein also secretly said to me: "Mr. Chen Yang, it seems that the people under your friend's company are still very capable." I sighed while looking for Miss Smith, and then explained to her: "Please find a car to pick up Miss Sun Yan ran and her party these days.". Well, just use my car. In the next few days, we went to Munich, Germany, to attend the international exhibition. At the exhibition, because of my title of president of Henkel, I got to know many senior figures of famous big companies. At the same time, through my introduction, Sun Yanran and Wu Fang also got to know many big people. Of course, because after all,empty lotion tubes, the size of my company is still too small, the vast majority of those people in large companies, just in a polite manner, because of my face, a little bit to deal with them, in fact,plastic packing tube, in their hearts, they simply look down on such a small company. However, there are also one or two companies that are keenly aware of it. It seems that I have some strange relationship with this company, and I deliberately revealed some news that Henkel and FS are cooperating with this Chinese company. As a result, the people of these big companies finally looked at Sun Yanran differently. Generally speaking, there are still some gains. Representatives of two large companies expressed their interest in cooperating with my company, and the two sides exchanged contact information and some information about each other's companies. And specifically discussed the cooperation of some projects and so on. There are also one or two companies that have shown some interest, although they have not immediately expressed their intention to cooperate. It is estimated that as long as we keep in touch with each other in the future, we can always open up the situation. After the exhibition, I arranged the purchasing department of Henkel and the people of FS to meet with Sun Yanran respectively. With some orders and letters of intent for cooperation, Sun Yan ran and his party ended their trip to Europe. Of course, this thing is not perfect, at least in the public relations department of Miss Smith later when I reported a small complaint. The cooperation between this Chinese company and our company has not brought us a penny of benefit so far, metal cosmetic tubes ,polyfoil tube, but we have spent more than 164000 euros on them, sir. I ignored the nagging German woman and told her to go straight out. I thought for a moment, then suddenly picked up the phone and called Regan. Mr. Regan, I've got an idea. I need your help.. Well, can you help me calculate how much budget we need if we set up a branch or a liaison office in China? Uh Ha ha, location, I want to set up in Shanghai, or. Nanjing.. I laughed so treacherously. Regan said with a wry smile, "Mr. Chen, since we don't have a lot of business in China now, it's not necessary to set up a branch in China now.." Uh He thought for a moment, then suddenly lowered his voice and said, "You, you're not using public office for personal gain for the sake of your company, are you?" I immediately answered him in a very serious voice, "Mr. Regan, how could I do that?"? You know, China is a very large market, we can not face such an attractive market and miss the opportunity! Entering the Chinese market can bring us huge profits! "But, but Henkel is controlled by Broad," Regan said with a wry smile. Broad itself is a Chinese company, so is it necessary for Henkel to set up its own branch in China? Henkel's China business can be completed through Broad Group. "I must correct you, Mr. Regan," I said with a straight face.
"Henkel is not the private property of yuanda," I said in a fair and selfless tone! Henkel is the common property of the Board of Directors! It's not a broad family! Therefore, it is necessary for us to open up the Chinese market for Henkel itself, not just for yuanda! Regan smiled bitterly. "Mr. Chen, you can convince the board of directors-convince Chen yuan or Miss Yang.". I'll give you a budget right away. I smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Regan …" Well, you've been learning Chinese well recently. You can even use the idiom'using public office for personal gain '. Then I immediately called Chen yuan and told him that I planned to set up a branch in China. Chen Yang! Chen yuan's voice on the phone was very helpless. What else do you want? You've had enough nonsense! You gave your company 10% of the annual plan of Henkel's purchasing department, and I left you alone. You listed the small company with assets of just one million and the big companies with assets of hundreds of millions as VIPs, and I didn't care about you! Damn, you even put the name of your little company on Henkel's latest batch of brochures! I still don't care about you! Now you want me to spend money to set up a branch in China? Shit! You want a Chinese company to set up a branch in China? Are you out of your mind?! I took a serious attitude and said in a selfless tone: "Mr. Chairman, I must correct your wrong view. Henkel is not a Chinese company. At most, I can only say that the largest controlling shareholder of Henkel is a Chinese company, but Henkel, in essence, is a German company!"! From a legal perspective.. "Go to the legal angle!" Chen yuan roared in a low voice. Fine I pretended to be helpless and said, "Well, since you don't agree with my request,cosmetic plastic tube, I have to go to Miss Yang Wei. I think my dear fiancee will support my little decision." "Chen Yang!"! You're threatening me! Chen yuan said in a deep voice, "It's no use for you to cooperate with Yang Wei-you should be on my side!" I said coldly, "I am only on my own side.". I want to see which side can give me the most benefits. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com