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Two days later, in the obscure corner of the entertainment section of the newspaper, there was a piece of news about the size of dried tofu. In the new film I starred in, another leading actor, Wang Chunlan, quit the crew because she was not feeling well and needed self-cultivation. She was starred by the movie star Cai Yin. Leaning back on the recliner and reading the newspaper, I didn't feel happy. Sister Feiyu. Someone laughed and called me. She looked up and saw that it was Cai Yin. She handed over a glass of orange juice and began to gush: "I heard that General Manager Jin has ordered Wang Chunlan not to go out for a month, to recuperate at home, and not to reveal a word to the outside world.". Such a rampant person finally had someone to cure her! With a happy look on her face, she added insult to injury. "That woman took herself too seriously. Relying on the company to spoil her, she really thought she was the queen!"! Don't look at Sister Feiyu. Wave your hand impatiently and close your eyes. Cai Yin came to a sudden stop. My ears were quiet, but the sun still pierced through my eyelids, and the red light filled my pupils and filled my brain. The cold war of the last few days is still fresh in my mind. Some things, hard to do, I can, but so exhausted! I'm not used to these fights, and I never want them. Just like now, I got what I fought for, but all I had was boredom and boredom. Where is Zi Zheng? Is he tired of doing this all the time? In the mind a little bit of sketch of Zi Zheng that firm face, he really rarely smile ah! He suddenly remembered that he had laughed once in Monaco. At that time, we did not go to the Monte Carlo Casino, which is popular all over the world, but wandered freely in the small town on the outskirts of Monte Carlo. Looking at the Mediterranean Sea in the distance,impact beam tubes, it is particularly quiet and blue, and the sun is soft and bright, shining on the red roofs of the roadside huts. Lazy and laid back. Stroll to a small country church, also built in the Roman-Byzantine style. Enjoying the huge walls and windows inlaid with stained glass, those straight, stiff and rigid houses of gods show their sacredness and majesty against the background of sunshine and colorful glass. Browsing through this row of portraits, I suddenly noticed that one of them, an unknown God with a cold face leaning,precision welded tubes, his left hand raised in front of his chest, in a strange posture, was particularly like someone. Looked back to see the proof clearly, in the heart exclaimed unceasingly, hurriedly pulled Zi Zheng to stand under the wall window, trotted back a little farther, hurriedly pressed the camera shutter. He had been silently at my mercy, and then watched me put the digital camera in front of him and asked him to watch. He looked at it quietly for three seconds and suddenly laughed, which startled me. Stunned at his smiling eyes, the corners of his mouth were extremely hooked, the Adam's apple rolled up and down violently, every line on his face was unbridled with indulgence and pleasure, and the voice of enchantment echoed in the empty chapel. He stopped laughing, glanced at me, put the camera back in my hand, and suddenly assumed the same pose as the God on his head. There was no need to make a fuss, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, so I quickly snapped a few more pictures. That expression, that gesture, tut! Over the next few days, both of them enjoyed the photos triumphantly. And that smile, like the relief in the church, is deeply and delicately engraved in my heart, which may be erased by the dust wind after thousands of years. The costume designer arranged the decorations for me and went to the camera to wait for the shooting. The man who plays the opposite role is still walking, wearing a white linen shirt and beige slacks. The director was nagging him to stand in front of the window and stare at the angle and expression. As soon as my eyes blurred, I seemed to have returned to the Mediterranean Sea. On the yacht that braved the wind and waves, Zizheng was also dressed in white. The sea breeze raised his clothes vigorously. His strong chest contained strength. His eyes gazing at the sea were deeper and bluer than the sea. "Flying Feather Sister, Flying Feather Sister" called my name in a low voice, a little confused to look at the source of the voice, only to feel that the eyes of the people around me are all staring at me, with strange and speculative. He coughed awkwardly and asked the director vaguely, "Well, uh, how's it going?" Guoren has another film "Love in Troubled Times" to start shooting. The leading actors are Shan Feiyu, Fu Yan, Jiang Bin and Liu Qingrou. Looking at the list in my hand, I feel interesting. Isn't this the 15th CBS Art Training Class Reunion? When Guoren saw me laughing, he couldn't help laughing and explained, "I didn't think so.".
According to the script, I picked a few actors I like to use, and when I settled down, I found that they were all old CBS people, and they were students of the same period. "I thought director Li Da was going to rehearse the graduation play for us after eight years!" Talking and laughing, Qingrou and Abin walked in side by side. A Bin has been a licorice actor in CBS for many years. Years ago, he was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with a simple and honest image of great benevolence and righteousness. He is the good boy in the old man's family, the good brother that men regard as, and the new good man that women call. After years of daughter-in-law becoming a mother-in-law, he finally began to taste the taste of popularity. He looked at Ah Bin carefully and reminded him, "You seem to be a little fat. Don't have to develop to Ah Fu just because you play Ah Fu." He smiled and said, "I can't control it.". He wants to grow fat himself, and I can't help it. If I don't eat all day like you women, I won't be able to live even if I'm so hungry that I'm thin as a bamboo pole. Clear soft "cut": "You don't say these ah! I'm not as lazy as you, but I work out in the gym with a sweaty body. Look at you. She pinched Abin's waist fat and said disdainfully, "There are three catties of lard that can be used for cooking!" Bin poured a cup of tea for Qingrou with a standard smile and did not answer back. After a while, Fu Yan also arrived, Guo Ren began to assign roles for us: "Fu Yan, you play Qi Zheng, is a man who goes forward bravely and recognizes the goal and does not give up.". Feiyu, you play Yaru, or your usual way of acting, a traditional woman who endures humiliation, but more pungent. A Bin plays Da Jin, but he is weak this time. Qing Rou plays Bei Ran, who is also strong and amorous. Uh, Feiyu, is your schedule all right? Nodded: "Nothing, this film was planned to shoot in two months, I think next week will be able to advance the closure of the mirror." "All right.". Now let's talk about the main idea of the play,stainless steel tube 304, which is.. He talked all the way down, and everyone studied it slowly. Abin in the opposite seat poured tea for us frequently. Gradually, the eyes of a Bin became Zi Zheng. cbiesautomotive.com