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40nbsp;OUT! TAKEN! What a comeback delivery from the skipper! This one is fuller on off. Utkarsh Srivastava goes on his knee yet again for the slog sweep but ends up connecting on the toe end of the bat. The ball flies flat towards the short mid-wicket fielder. Sheikh Paevez Jibon takes the catch over his head and Utkarsh Srivastava has to depart.nbsp;153/5 47.2nbsp;OUT! RUN OUT! Too casual from Murugan Abhishek and he pays a hefty price as well. Slower delivery from Riley Norton, bowled on a nagging length and over middle stump. Abhishek gets a bit squared up and the ball rolls off the pads behind point. The batters set off for the leg bye but Dewan Marais attacks the ball well and fires it in at the bowler's end, scoring a direct hit in the process. The replays roll in and show that Abhishek was just strolling and is late to jam his bat inside the crease and will be Out.nbsp;227/7

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