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Almost all the people brought by Lin Feng were the fish that slipped through the net when the Bureau of Public Opinion dealt with the incident. A few people who were not afraid of death were basically reimbursed just now. The rest of the people were more or less afraid of Gao Liang and Monk Xiao. When the two brothers rushed over, not only did no one stop them, but they even gave up a road consciously or unconsciously. Gao Liang and Xiao Monk almost no resistance, blink of an eye to Lin Feng's side, Gao Liang holding a dagger, Xiao Monk carrying a beam tied with half a piece of steel as a whip, together to Lin Feng body greeting. Over there, Hao Wenming also arrived at Hao Zhengyi's side, holding a ruler to measure the sky and throwing it at his brother's Tianlinggai. Hao Zhengyi did not dare to fight with his brother, but blindly avoided, and finally turned around and ran away. Just now Hao Zhengyi slapped Lin Feng in the face for his brother, and those people saw it from a distance. Also no one to stop Hao Wenming, who knows Hao Zhengyi after slow down, will not beat these people to his brother to vent his anger? Gao Liang, none of the three of them dare to move, and I am the only soft persimmon. The people brought by Lin Feng began to gather around me, and this posture really should be the arrangement of Gao Liang. There were two or three people in the crowd who were muttering and making strange gestures as they walked, and the spirits spread out according to the gestures they had given, and they also came to me. Only then did I realize that it was not Lin Feng who controlled the soul. These people, together with their souls,316l stainless steel pipe, were getting closer and closer to me, and I began to retreat slowly. Maybe I still have some taboos about my white hair, so I didn't make a sudden attack as soon as I came up. But it's not the way to retreat all the time. It won't take long for them to press up. Seeing that the nearest person with a soul is only more than 20 meters away from me, I can't do anything. I turned sharply and ran behind with all my strength. The situation just now was barely deadlocked, but as soon as I ran here, Lin Feng took these people immediately like playing chicken blood, crazy in the back of the chase. I only ran more than fifty meters to the end. In front is the elevator that Gao Liang and I came down, not to mention taking the elevator up,x60 line pipe, now there is no time to close the elevator door. When I was at a loss, I don't know which bastard behind me hit a fireball and hit my back heart impartially. The impact of the fireball knocked me to the ground, and the heat of the back of my heart made me feel painful. It took several rolls to extinguish the flames behind him. By the time I got up, the people and souls behind me had already come up, and the positions on the left and right sides had been blocked by these people first. There was really no way out. Even if I died, I had to pull up a few cushions. The nearest man sneered at me and said, "Little boy, you committed suicide..." That's you! Without waiting for him to finish, I threw the sword at his head. Boom! With a dull sound, the man's head disappeared with most of his body in a fog of blood, and the scene was like a watermelon being exposed and splashed all over the floor. This scene is not to say that Lin Feng brought these people, even I was startled, all the people are looking at the ground is still standing on two thighs, and that a fragmentary. This effect is not like a dagger, uns s31803 sheet ,x70 line pipe, it is like being hit by a rocket. Moments later, I had come to my senses, reached out and grabbed the place where the sword fell to the ground. A flash of light flashed, and the sword appeared in my hand again. At this time, one of the people who had just ordered the soul suddenly gave a strange cry, and one of the souls in front of me rushed at me at the same time. In the gap where the soul rushed, two or three fireballs came from behind. The speed of the fireball was so fast that I only dodged one, and the following fireballs could not be avoided, hitting my shoulder and lower abdomen respectively. Fortunately, I was prepared this time, and the fireball didn't hit me. Enduring the burning pain, I put out the flames on my body. Seeing the direction of the fireball, it was a pale short fat man who burned the paper to draw out the fireball. I secretly scold in the heart: This matter is not over! Whatever I say today, I will put you on my back! By this time, the soul has come near. The soul avoided fire, probably because he was afraid of hurting the soul by mistake. The short fat man stopped the fireball. The nearest soul rushed to my side and raised his hand to take a picture of my sky spirit cover.
I did not dodge, holding the sword of sin to meet the upward split, the sword met the claws of the soul, without any sound, like a hot knife cutting butter, silently cut off the claws of the soul. The soul did not know the pain, the claw dropped only a slight pause, and then another claw came to me again. Originally, I meant to take advantage of this slight pause to change the penalty sword and try to split it again. Unexpectedly, my hand holding the sword of sin was like being pulled by an invisible force, which could not be withdrawn at all, not to mention, pulling me forward suddenly to stab the chest of the soul. The armor of the soul can not stop the trend of the sword, or there is no sound, the soul from the chest below, the sword came to a big opening, sticky things dripping on the ground. Chapter 491 Along with the water from the belly of the soul, there are countless translucent light and shadow, these light and shadow left the body of the soul began to gather again. It has been said before that the soul is a collection of countless souls, but now it seems that these translucent light and shadow are the souls bound in the body of the soul. When these souls gather, they float around like smoke. But a moment later, they seem to have discovered a new continent, after a slight pause, these souls like a gust of wind, straight behind the people brought by Lin Feng, I glanced, that direction is the Hao brothers, the younger brother is holding a ruler to the elder brother a burst of fierce pats. Without the support of all the souls, the soul fell to the ground and twitched as if it had been cramped. In an instant, its body shrank by a quarter,uns s32760 plate, and the skin of the soul was wrinkled like the old bark. Two or three seconds later, the soul stopped twitching, and its superfluous life was completely over. lksteelpipe.com