Workshop Title: Achieving Customer Service Excellence

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for those who deal directly with customers and those who manage customer service in the business.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending this workshop learners will –

• Recognise the need for excellent customer service and the impact of Customer Service Excellence on growth and profitability
• Be able to state clearly who their customers are, both internal and external
• Have practised and developed the Key Skills and a range of techniques that will enable them to deliver quality service to exceed their customers needs and expectations
• Have produced a Personal Action Plan to ensure the development of a Customer Service Ethos


• Tutor and learner introductions, contents, style, Action Plans
• Why is Customer Service important – Who’s job is it anyway?
• Identifying examples of great/poor Customer Service
• What are the required behaviours to deliver Customer Service Excellence?
• The Benefits of delivering Excellent Customer Service
• Who are your Internal and External Customers?
• What are your customers expectations?
• Refreshing the Core Customer Service Skills – Asking the Right Questions, Learning to Listen, The Voice, Understanding Body Language, Empathy and Rapport
• Customer Service and Teamwork
• Handling Queries and Complaints – Four Step Action Plan
• Maintaining A Positive Attitude
• Discussion, debate, exercises, DVD input to assist learning
• Completion of Personal Action Plans
• Workshop Review and Evaluation

Duration: 09:00 – 16:15

Pre course Preparation: Learners should come prepared to present their list of techniques to provide Excellent Customer Service.

Post course Activity: Book an appointment with your manager to discuss the learning points from your Personal Action Plan.


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