This Adobe Photoshop training course aims to enable delegates to be able to produce a broad range of images for use in documents including newsletters, product leaflets, adverts, posters and sales material. The course is also suited for the creation of on-screen and internet images.

Our Adobe Photoshop training courses are led by ex-industry professionals with many years of hands-on user experience and so our Photoshop course trainers bring the training to life with real-life scenarios and examples, as well as teaching useful tips and tricks to speed up day-to-day tasks.

The industry standard for all kinds of image-related work, Adobe Photoshop allows you to create and edit images for both print and web. It incorporates Adobe ImageReady, a powerful web graphics add-on allowing the creation and optimization of a variety of formats – gifs, jpgs, image maps, rollovers, animations, layer-based graphics and more. Photoshop itself gives the user complete control over all kinds of image manipulation, editing and special effects and can be used for exact calibration of images for all output methods.

Once you have completed this, you will be ready to move onto our Advanced Photoshop training.


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