Marketing is not just a function within a company but a management philosophy where market orientation and customer needs are crucial points when it comes to a company’s decision making process. Especially in times of global hyper-competition, intelligent marketing is mandatory in order to survive as a company and to generate competitive advantages. In-depth marketing knowledge is a requirement for successful marketing of products and services.


The course will teach you the professional and methodical knowledge and competences you need to work in marketing. After you have finished the course, you will be prepared to undertake marketing tasks, especially to market products and services.

Target Audience

The certificate program in Marketing is designed for working men and women with little or no prior marketing knowledge who need a

short and comprehensive,
high-quality and state-authorized
post-secondary part-time
education program at ISCED Level 4/EQF Level 5 in order to make new career opportunities accessible, increase their occupational mobility, secure their current employment, or return to work after parental leave.

Entry Requirements

Very good English skills
High school/secondary school graduation
A computer or tablet and an email address

Personalized Curriculum

Marketing Core Modules (mandatory)
MM001 Introduction to Marketing (1 Study Point)
MM060 Product Policy (1 SP)
MM061 Price Policy (1 SP)
MM062 Promotion Policy (1 SP)
MM063 Placement Policy (1 SP)

Marketing Electives (6 SP minimum)
MM020 Market Research (2 SP)
MM040 Consumer Behavior (2 SP)
MM050 B2B Marketing (2 SP)
MM070 Strategic Brand Management (2 SP)
MM080 Content Marketing (2 SP)
MP010 Public Relations (2 SP)
MI070 The Convenience Goods Market (1 SP)
MI071 Management of Convenience Goods Manufacturers (1 SP)
MI072 The Shopping Consumer Goods Market (1 SP)
MI073 Management of Shopping Consumer Goods Manufacturers (1 SP)
MS070 Consumer Products Case Study (3 SP)

Management Electives
General Management
HR Management
Management Theories
Special Areas of Management
Case Studies

MX010 Project Thesis in Marketing (4 SP)
In sum, you need 24 study points.


In this online course, you study your chosen modules online—according to your own schedule.
For each module, you take an online assignment/exam at any time.
You can always contact your tutors if you have questions.
In the online colloquia, you can discuss and exchange thoughts with both your tutors and fellow students.
In the discussion forums and with the networking tool, you can connect with your fellow students and form learning groups.
At the end of your course, you work on your project thesis. Here, you methodically solve a practical marketing problem using your gained knowledge. Your tutor will provide advice, supervision and extensive feedback on your thesis.


3 to 24 months, depending on your learning progress.


As a graduate of the specialization “Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP)” you will receive a certificate (without grades) and a report card (with grades). The course is classified as ISCED Level 4 and EQF Level 5. The program has a state authorization by ZFU No. 7292015.


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