Meetings are an essential part of business life, but they can also be the source of much frustration and wasted time. Most problems arise from behavioural factors and poor chairing skills. This practical one day course focuses on how to get the most from meetings and on managing the behavioural aspects rather than the mechanics of formal meetings.

Who should attend

Managers, team leaders and others who spend a high proportion of their time at meetings.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

•Identify factors that contribute to the effectiveness of meetings
•Explain the roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson
•Prepare for, compile and structure agendas
•Use techniques for making meetings more stimulating and productive
•Chair meetings effectively and deal with behavioural issues that arise
•Make contributions at meetings assertively, calmly and at the right time

Course Content

•Definitions and purposes of meetings
•Reviewing the effectiveness of meetings and typical problems that occur
•Role and responsibilities of the Chairperson
•How to create agendas that are more than a ‘shopping list’
•Overview of the skills required for effective chairing
•Non-verbal communication
•How to contribute with confidence and influence others
•Exploring the behavioural aspects of meetings
•Roles people play at meetings and how to deal with them constructively
•Techniques to kick start meetings and stimulate ideas
•Tips for keeping up momentum at meetings and making sure they are productive
•Practical meetings followed by feedback and discussion
•Personal action notes


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