This Course is Designed For:

 Executives;
 Directors;
 Contract managers;
 Contract and Subcontract Administrators;
 Purchasing Professionals;
 Sales Professional;
 Supply Management Professionals;
 Procurement Personnel;
 Engineering Personnel;
 Operational Personnel;
 Project Leaders;
 Maintenance Personnel;
 Supervisors;
 Those who want to master the skills to successfully manage contracts.

Duration: 5 Days


Part 1: Legal-Conceptual and Contextual Issues of Contracts

 What Constitutes a Contract;
 The Evolution and Definition of The Modern Contract;
 Contents of a Contract;
 The Unwritten Contract;
 Written Contract;
 Psychological Contract.

Part 2: Contract Formulation

 Positive Factors of Contract Formulation;
 Negative Aspects of Contract Formulation;
 Initiation of a Legal Relations;
 The Formation of a Contract;
 Contract Terms;
 Exclusion Clauses;
 Express and Implied Terms of Contract;
 The Rights and Liabilities of Third Parties To The Contract;
 Assignment of Contractual Rights;
 Contracts and Third Parties.

Part 3: Contract Negotiation, Agreement and Life

 Agreement and Offer;
 Offer Acceptance;
 Cessation of The Offer;
 Common Contract Errors;
 Variation of Contracts, Promissory Estoppel and Waiver;
 Contract Privity or Mutual Interest;
 Contract Modification;
 Contract and Performance;
 Contract Demise;
 The Aftermath;
 Literal Performance;
 Exemption Clauses: The Common Law;
 The Fact of Agreement;
 Important Contract Considerations;
 Formalities;
 Factors That Vitiates or Impairs a Contract’s Validity;
 The Enforceability of Agreements: Considerations and Alternatives.

Part 4: Discharge of Contracts

 Contract Discharge by Performance and Breach;
 Contract Discharge by Mutual Agreement;
 Contract Discharge Through Misrepresentation;
 Contract Discharge by Duress;
 Contract Discharge for Breach;
 Discharge of an Illegal Contract;
 Contract Discharge Through ‘Unfair Terms and Conditions’.

Part 5: Remedies for Breach of Contract: Contract Resolution

 Damages for Breach of Contract;
 The common Law Remedy of Damages;
 Equitable Remedies and Limitation of Actions;
 Quasi-Contract and The Law of Restitution.

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