This Course is Designed For:

 Executives;
 Directors;
 Contract managers;
 Contract and subcontract administrators;
 Purchasing Professionals;
 Sales Professional;
 Supply Management Professionals;
 Procurement Personnel;
 Engineering, Operational, Project, and Maintenance Personnel;
 Supervisors;
 Those who want to master the skills to successfully manage contracts.

Duration: 6 Days

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

Part 1: Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Guidelines on Product Acquisition and Services

 Acquisition, Defined;
 Acquisitions: FAR Applicability.

Part 2: Contracting Methods

 Simplified Acquisition;
 Sealed Bidding;
 Contracting by Negotiation.

Part 3: Types of Contract

 Selecting Contract Types;
 Fixed-Price Contracts;
 Cost-Reimbursement Contracts;
 Incentive Contracts.

Part 4: Administrative Matters

 Contract Execution;
 Contract Distribution;
 Contract Reporting;
 Government Contract Files.

Part 5: Required Sources of Supplies and Services

 General Principles;
 Priorities for Use of Government Supply Sources;
 Use of Other Government Supply Sources.

Part 6: Qualifications of Contractor

 General Standard;
 Special Standard.

Part 7: Market Research

 What is Market Research?;
 Procedure for Market Research;
 Why Conduct Market Research.

Part 8: Conflict of Interest

 Contracts with Government Employees or Organizations Owned or Controlled By Them.

Part 9: Contract Financing

 Contract Financing Payment;
 Customary Contract Financing;
 Delivery Payment;
 Invoice Payment.

Part 10: Contract Management

 Contract Administration and Audit Services;
 Contract Modifications;
 Subcontracting Policies and Procedures;
 Terminating Contracts.

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