This Course is Designed For:

 Chartered Accountants;
 Certified Accountants;
 Licensed Accountants;
 Cost Accountants;
 Management Accountants;
 Organisational Decision-makers;
 Inventory Managers;
 Quality Managers;
 Pricing Specialists;
 Balanced Scorecard Specialists;
 Senior Managers;
 Product Managers;
 Operational Directors;
 Profit Centre Managers;
 Budget Specialists;
 Strategic Managers.

Duration: 5 Days
Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

Part 1: Decision Making, Salient Issues
 Decision Models;
 Five-Step Decision-Making Process;
 Relevance;
 Relevant Cost Illustration;
 Features of Relevant Information;
 Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant in Decision Making;
 A Starting Point: Absorption-Based Budgeted Income Statement;
 Types of Information;
 Terminology;
 Types of Decisions;
 One-Time-Only Special Orders;
 Special Order Illustration;
 Make-or-Buy Illustration.

Part 2: Relevant Cost and Profitability Analysis
 Potential Problems with Relevant-Cost Analysis;
 Avoiding Potential Problems with Relevant-Cost Analysis;
 Insourcing vs. Outsourcing;
 Qualitative Factors;
 Opportunity Costs;
 Product-Mix Decisions;
 Adding or Dropping Customers;
 Customer Profitability Analysis, Illustrated;
 Adding or Discontinuing Branches or Segments;
 Adding/Closing Offices or Segments;
 Equipment-Replacement Decisions;
 Behavioural Implications.

Part 3: Pricing Decision in Business
 Pricing and Business;
 Influences on Demand and Supply;
 Time Horizons and Pricing;
 Differences Affecting Pricing: Long Run vs. Short Run;
 Alternative Long-Run Pricing Approaches;
 ABC Manufacturing Cost Illustration;
 Product Profitability Using ABC Costing: Illustration;
 Markets and Pricing;
 Market-Based Approach;
 Understanding the Market Environment;
 Five Steps in Developing Target Prices and Target Costs.

Part 4: Value Engineering, Costing and Budgeting in Pricing Decision
 Value Engineering;
 Value Engineering Terminology;
 Cost Incurrence and Locked-In Costs Graph;
 Problems with Value Engineering and Target Costing;
 Target Costing Illustration;
 Cost-Based (Cost-Plus) Pricing;
 Forms of Cost-Plus Pricing;
 Common Business Practice;
 Life-Cycle Product Budgeting and Costing;
 Important Considerations for Life-Cycle Budgeting;
 Life Cycle Budgeting, Illustrated;
 Other Important Considerations in Pricing Decisions;
 The Legal Dimension of Price Setting.

Part 5: Cost Management
 A Systems Framework:
Accounting Information System.
 Factors Affecting Cost Management:
Global Competition;
Growth of the Service of the Industry;
Advances in Information Technology;
Advances in the Manufacturing Environment;
Customer Orientation;
New Product Development;
Total Quality Management;
 The Role of Management Accountant:
Continuous Improvement;
Decision Making.
 Accounting and Ethical Conduct:
Benefits of Ethical Behaviour;
Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants.
 Cost Management Concepts:
Cost Assignment:
Cost Objects;
Accuracy of Assignments.
Product Costs:
Product Costs and External Financial Reporting.
External Financial Statement:
Income Statement: Manufacturing Firm;
Income Statement: Service Organisation.
Functional-Based Cost Management Systems:
Activity-Based Cost Management Systems;
Choice of Cost Management Systems.

The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following:
 Free Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days;
 Free Hot Lunch on Event Days;
 Free City Tour;
 Free Stationery;
 Free On-site Internet Access;
 HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Diploma – Postgraduate – or
 Certificate of Attendance and Participation – if unsuccessful on resit.

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