After the initial euphoria of being promoted many new managers find themselves struggling to cope with the demands of their new role and are all too often left to sink or swim. This is detrimental to the performance of the manager, the team members and the business as a whole. This practical two day course will provide managers with the knowledge and skills essential to their role, along with a range of useful tools and techniques to put into practice in the workplace.

Who should attend

New or recently appointed managers who need help with rising to the challenges of their role. Also established managers who wish to refresh their skills and learn new techniques.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

•Outline the role, skills and challenges associated with being a manager
•Assess their leadership style and achieve the right balance
•Implement motivation strategies to match the needs of individuals
•Communicate effectively for different purposes and in a variety of situations
•Deal with performance issues constructively and with increased confidence
•Carry out coaching sessions and provide performance enhancing feedback

Course Content

•Exploring the role and responsibilities of being a manager
•Making the transition into a management role and meeting expectations
•Analysing leadership styles along with potential effects on the team
•Achieving a balance between the needs of the task, team and individuals
•Understanding factors that motivate people and awareness of differences
•Creating the right conditions for high motivation
•Avoiding de-motivational tactics
•Delegation – why it’s not easy and how to do it effectively
•Overview of essential communication skills and common pitfalls to avoid
•Reasons for performance issues and approaches to dealing with them
•The value of feedback and different types of feedback
•Practice at giving constructive feedback using the EEC model
•Preparing and carrying out a coaching session with a team member
•Personal development goals and action notes


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