Yes, this is an online course. But don’t let this you put you off. This is NOT your ordinary run of the mill online training. Unlike other online courses you get a dedicated industry experienced tutor who is watching your every move! This is the next best thing to one2one training but with the advantages of you not having to leave your desk and having to spend the whole day, or even several days at a time, on a training course.

CGT’s Graphic Design for Businesses online course will provide you with an insight and hands-on experience of using the software used to create brochures, leaflets, adverts and all types of documents that a business needs to market themselves, professionally.

Choose from a starter of just 2 hours (minimum) up to the full 12 hour online course. Ideal for those who require to master specific aspects of the software, at a pre-arranged time to suit them, during office hours.

As with all the courses run by CGT, what makes our courses unique is that CGT is also a photography, graphic and web design/development/hosting company. Our trainers all use the software they teach in the real world on a day to day basis, so can pass on hint and tips to you gained through years of experience in actually using the software.

Suitability: This course is primarily aimed at designers, business managers or marketing departments, SMEs & third sector workers who wish to create professional looking printed literature.

Contact us today by phone and speak to one of our trainers or if emailing, don’t forget to provide us with your phone number, so that one of our trainers can call you to discuss your specific requirements.


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