The course is run over 4 consecutive days as a block residential course in Keswick. Next available open courses:

20 Nov 2017 – Keswick, Cumbria


£1,395 + VAT

Payment options:

*If you are self-funding then a 30% deposit will be taken on booking, which will secure your place on the course*

For the balance it is then possible to set up a 6 payment …


The ILM Level 5 in Project Management is aimed at project managers and consists of 4 modules which is delivered as a 4 day experiential learning and development programme; this degree level qualification is tailored to meet the varying needs of learners from across all employment sectors.

It focuses on the practicalities of project management from a delivery perspective and is helps delegates develop the skills needed to become an inspirational project leader as well as a project manager, this tools based programme will give you the core skills needed to be able to manage and lead a project successfully.

Successful project management and leadership comes through the engagement and empowerment of your project team.

The reason we run this course as a four day residential in the Lakes is that we share with you some of the tools which we use to inspire and empower teams who we develop from across all sectors, we not only show you how to use some of our team development tools, you also get to take away these at the end of the programme to use with your project teams post course.

What is required of you?

Becoming a more effective project manager and leader involves delegates in a complex process of changing behaviours, based on an understanding of leadership and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills.

Simply understanding what leadership involves, or developing insight into the effect of one’s own emotional state or values on decision-making, or being good at communicating with others is not sufficient, although each is a necessary component of any project management leadership role.

It is the synthesis of this that enables effective leaders to recognise the effect of their own behaviours on other people and on the organisation, and to manage those behaviours to achieve the goals that they have agreed.

Our ILM Level 5 in Project Management programme places great emphasis on developing this ability; if you are to continue to improve your performance beyond the programme itself – hence the results driven focus.

This is an important characteristic of all successful project leaders that they can reflect on their experiences and learn from them – effective leaders are not afraid of making mistakes, only of repeating mistakes.

This ability, to learn and develop, is integral to this programme.

Client testimonial

“Chris will take you on a whistle stop tour of project management and leadership, hang on to your seats”

Manager – NHS

Course Description:

Programme Agenda

Day 1 – Module One – Managing and leading projects in your organisation

This module explores the practical management and leadership of a project on a day to day basis and is a tools based module which shares with you all of the tips, tools and techniques that we use all of the time when managing and leading projects at Results Driven.

Programme content:

To develop an understanding and the ability to be able to manage & lead projects in your organisation.

Develop the ability to manage a project in your organisation.

Different project management tools and techniques for managing a project are assessed and considered for use in your organisation post course.

The implementation of a project is discussed and planned.

How to communicate project plans to colleagues and stakeholders, gaining agreement along the way.

To be able to implement the project plan and monitor progress against agreed targets.

Evaluate your own ability to manage a project.

To be able to use feedback from others to critically evaluate own ability to plan and implement a project, identifying strengths and weaknesses as a result of the process.

A self-development plan is created to improve own performance in managing projects.

Client testimonial

“Great setting, inspiring content, insightful peeps”

Performance Coach – Private Sector

Day 2 – Module 2 – Developmental project management and leadership

This module explores the skills needed to be able to engage the project team through the correct use of motivation and coaching as a development medium and the tools needed to able to be an effective project leader back in your organisation post course

Programme content:


Motivation skills assessment.

What motivates you at work?

10 factors affecting motivation.

The path goal theory.

How to put a motivation strategy in place for my team.


Coaching Theory.

How to give developmental feedback.

The IGROW model of coaching theory.

Coaching Role play using IGROW.

The rule of 3.

Coaching Role play using the rule of 3.

The STOP tool.

How to adopt a developmental style of leadership.

Day 3 – Module 3 – Transformational Project

Management & Leadership.

The need to be able to understand the intricacies of leadership are explored and demonstrated here and a combination of leading edge theory and practical tools are used to develop your understanding of leadership and its different contexts further in the project management function.

Programme content:

Transformational leadership skills assessment.

Turning followers into leaders.

Think it – Believe it – Do it!

Metabolic management.

The core principles of transformational leadership versus transactional leadership.

Leadership Styles:

Situational Leadership Theory.

Situational Leadership practical.

Experiential Teambuilding.

John Adair’s 3 Circles Model.

Developing the charismatic leader.

Distributed leadership.

Day 4 – Module 4 – Building excellent working relationships

The importance of being able to develop effective working relationships and get ‘people onside’ is critical for the effective project manager and leader when it comes to effective project management, the skills of being able to analyse personality’s is explored and how to use the correct influencing style when communicating at every level.

Programme content:

The rapport model.

How to use the rapport model to influence decisions.

Influencing individuals.

Using influence to communicate and deliver change.

Experiential Teambuilding focusing on developing your leadership communication skills.

Social styles communication skills excellence.

Why look at Social Styles.

Understanding the basic types.

Self Assessment.

Assessment of others.

Needs of each Style.

Using social styles to deal with conflict.

Understanding leadership communication in your own organisational context.

Pre course work:

Our online project management capability assessment is used at the outset of the project to determine your existing project management and leadership skills pre course.

Post course work:

You will then undertake the same assessment post course which will the enable you to look how far you have progressed in the development of your project management and leadership skill set post programme – this will result the in behavioural change needed to be more successful at managing and leading projects in your organisation post course.

Post programme assignment:

Plan and implement a project in your organisation, and use feedback from others on completion of the project to improve own performance in managing projects The ‘nominal’ word count for this assignment is 2,500 words; the suggested range is between 2,000 and 3,000 words.

Client testimonial

“Continually evolving to meet the needs of those in the room with the content delivered in a

positive way”

Senior Partner – Solicitor

All candidates will receive:

1:1 on-going email and telephone support, assessment and tutor feedback.

In house delivery options:

We can deliver this program in house if you have a minimum of 8 delegates, contact us for further details.

Who is the course for?

The ILM Level 5 in Project Management is suitable for those aspiring to become project managers, those new to the project manager role and experienced project managers wishing to brush up their theory and practice.

Entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements but participants would usually be working as project managers.

Career development:

Enhance your C.V
•develop your project management skills
•increase your earning potential

Course delegate responses:

“Engaging, motivational and inspirational learning in amazing surroundings.”

“Good mixture of learning with outdoor reflection time.”

“Worthwhile experience, good networking opportunity and excellent venue for the modules.”


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