This one-day course focuses on the development of personal impact and skills to influence others. Delegates will be introduced to a range of practical tools and techniques which contribute to effective influencing outcomes.

By the end of the course you will:

Be aware of your behaviour, body language and the impact you have on others

Understand and be able to use different influencing styles

Be able to use tools and techniques to influence people in the workplace

Be able to put influencing skills into practice


Personal impact and influence:
Confidence, self-esteem and body language
Impression management
Influencing styles questionnaire
Developing different influencing styles
Sources of power

The influencing process:
Understanding the other person’s point of view
 Mirroring
 Empathetic listening
Leading the other person to your point of view
 Influencing techniques
 Influencing skills
Resisting influence from others

Skills practise


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