Covering the fundamentals of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and curative hypnotherapy, this distance-learning course will explain the different roles of the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind and explain how the subconscious creates reactions, symptoms and problems.

This Curative Hypnotherapy introductory course is the first step towards becoming a qualified curative hypnotherapist. It is a self-paced, Distance Learning course enabling you to progress at your preferred rate.

There are 7 modules to this section of the training course and individual feedback is provided on each module submission.

Initial module currently available – free of charge. See website for details and to download your copy.

Key benefits:- Learn how the subconscious works, how problems / symptoms are created and how modern understanding of hypnosis can be applied via curative hypnotherapy (LCH) to help dispose of them.

Objectives: On completion of this homestudy section/ introduction to Curative Hypnotherapy a student may be invited to progress to the practical course, where they may learn the tools, techniques and skills to apply their understanding and become a qualified curative hypnotherapist.


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