Most roles and workplaces involve some type of lone working, which can vary depending on the type of task and the location in which the task is being completed.

This training course provides learners with knowledge of the issues relating to lone working situations and considers the different types of lone working.

The training course will consider the risks associated with different lone working tasks, and identify ways of reducing risk, whilst considers practical strategies to put in place to ensure people remain traceable and accountable at all times.

The aims of this training course are for learners to:

• Understand what Lone Working is and the different situations within your own role and others which may be considered a lone working situation
• Understand the legislation and guidance relating to lone working
• Understand how to put strategies in place to keep yourself and others safe and reduce the level of vulnerability during lone working situations
• Understand what is meant by being ‘traceable and accountable’ and how you can put this into practice for the safety of everyone

This half day awareness course can be delivered in your workplace or at our training suites near Stockport


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