Mastering Business Analysis
James Archer
28-29 March 2017, London

Business analysis is the bedrock of business change and automated system development. The task of the business analyst is to uncover the real business, and communicate it in such a way that all stakeholders can reach a consensus on the best way to improve the business.
Business analysis is a combination of process and data modelling, systemic thinking, innovating, presenting ideas, and several other skills. In short business analysis is about uncovering the true business needs and finding solutions to make the business work better. This two-day seminar and workshop in business analysis gives you the skills and tools to discover your client’s real business, and to determine and demonstrate the best ways of improving it.
Learning Objectives
• How to discover the real business needs, not just guess at a solution.
• How to improve the business processes by automation or other means.
• How to define a project so that it can yield real benefits, and have all stakeholders agree on the objectives.
• How to determine the most beneficial project scope for improving the work.
• How to use various models to understand and communicate the business processes and stored data.
• How to use business events to partition the work into natural segments for easier understanding.
• How to present and communicate your ideas.
• How to think systemically, and innovatively, to find the best solutions for the business.
• How to be a better business analyst.


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