Why Choose this Training Course?

To operate successfully in the intense competitive environment of the 21st century, organisations must be responsive to the changing needs and demands of their customers and clients. To maintain responsiveness to these ever-increasing service demands and to deliver extraordinary levels of performance, they must instigate a robust system of internal and external measures upon which to reflect and where necessary act. This 10-day AZTech training course in London comprehensively explores all aspects of organisational improvement. Week 1 concentrates on constructive techniques to measure efficiency in operations, systems and procedures and culminates with bench marking techniques as a diagnostic tool for continuous improvement. Week 2 has a focus on the “softer” side of productivity with an emphasis on the skills front line leader scan utilise to motivate their people and create the “engaged organisation”.

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day courses.

Module 1 – Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking

Module 2 – Improving Productivity & Employee Engagement through Effective Frontline Leadership

What are the Goals?

By the end of this AZTech training course, participants will be able to:

Determine and implement strategies for performance, organisational and bench marking measurement,
Appreciate the inter connectivity of criteria that impact performance and productivity
Understand the critical role of the front-line leader in establishing a committed and engaged work force
Evaluate organisational performance and engagement against theoretical models of good practice
Create organisational value through the power of collective wisdom

Who is this Training Course for?

This AZTech training course is designed for professional and leaders across a wide range of industries. But will have relevance to;

Managers delegated to instigate measure and sustain continuous organisational improvement
Front line leaders keen to demonstrate progressive leadership practices
Engineers with responsibility for maintenance, operations and processes
Change managers and leaders seeking to positively impact organisational culture
Middle managers, team leaders and all in supervisory roles

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This will include a combination of presentations, videos, class discussion, group and self-reflective exercises to examine all the elements of engagement. The training course has been designed to accommodate all styles of learner and to embed in each delegate a confidence to demonstrate responsibility and take action. High profile will be given to bench marking as a means to evaluate current market place performance and the role of managerial leadership in creating and sustaining an environment that brings success, commitment and true engagement.

The Course Content

Module 1: Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking

Day One: Performance Measurement: The Starting Point for Improvement
The Need for Measurement
Data Use and Abuse: Using Data Constructively
Methods of Selecting Performance Measures
Developing a Framework for Measurement
Understanding Variation: The key to understanding performance
What histograms, run charts and control charts tell us about performance
Day Two: Continuous Improvement
Understanding Variation: The Range and Standard Deviation
Taking Appropriate Action against a Process
An Introduction to Control Charts
How to Improve a Process
The Power of Teamwork
Problem and Mission Statements
Day Three: The Tools of Continuous Improvement
Understanding and Analyzing a Process
Identifying causes of problems, and potential solutions
Demonstrating the link between a cause and its effect
Understanding the Process
Investigating Relationships between Variables
Day Four: An Introduction to Benchmarking
What is benchmarking?
History of benchmarking
Different Methods of benchmarking and how they relate to each other
How to identify potential benchmarking projects
An overview of the benchmarking process
Selecting your first project
Day Five: Running a Successful Benchmarking Project
Scoping and planning benchmarking study
Identifying and selecting benchmarking Metrics & Partners
Participant meetings: Planning and running effective meetings to attain the aims of the study
Benchmarking project management
Management support activities
Legal issues

Module 2: Improving Productivity & Employee Engagement through Effective Frontline Leadership

Day Six: Employee Engagement and Business Success
What is employment engagement? A model for practice
The business case for engagement. How employee engagement impacts business success
Do you know how engaged your people are right now? Analysis and Measurement
The impact of front line leadership on Engagement, Productivity and Commitment – Current research and implications
What do engaging leaders actually do? Dimension of front line managerial Leadership
What style of leadership does my role demand? How does this contribute or inhibit engagement?
Day Seven: “Front Line Leadership” to capture “Hearts and Minds”
How good are your front line skills that build engagement? – review and application
Personality and management/leadership style – psychometric assessment and review
Authentic leadership to inspire your people to exceed performance expectations
The shadow of the leader – impact and influence
Emotional Intelligence and its role in Engagement – steps to better performance
Creating the inspirational vision – the key elements of alignment
Day Eight: Aligning Performance to Create Trust & Engagement
The power of collective wisdom
Team purpose – Performance Management, KPI’s and MBO’s
The importance of behaviours – building a team charter
Building meaning for employees – The case for continuous improvement
How productive am I? How productive is my team? Performance audits, reviews and implications
Evaluating potential and performance – The Grid for Talent Management review implications actions
Day Nine: Harnessing Potential to Create Engagement: Motivation, Commitment and Competence
Task and Job Allocation – right player right position
Improving Team Dynamics – Identifying Both Positive and Negative Group Behaviour Roles
Successful Delegation – the achieving results through the efforts of others
Motivating your People – core skills and practical steps
Enhancing productivity and alignment by balancing positive and negative interactions
Dealing with Poor Performance – Coaching for team and individual performance issues
Day Ten: Creating a Culture of Engagement through Generous “Front Line” Leadership
Core essential for generous front line leadership
The front tine leadership challenge – Creating a culture of connection
Action planning against the Employee engagement model
When engagement goes too far – pitfalls of an overdone strength
Balancing pressure with performance
Review of week and closure

The Certificate

AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course


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