This half day training course is delivered at our training venues in London, Leeds and Manchester. It can also be delivered in house. Starting from £198 (£165 plus VAT).

The purpose of meetings is to discuss and agree actions, and to review the outcome of actions. Good meeting management involves careful agenda setting, timely and high quality information, effective chairing, and clear outcomes, with every item having a clear purpose.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the effective preparation for and running of a meeting.
You will learn:

– how to develop and implement an effective cycle of meetings to ensure timely, high –
quality information is provided to enable scrutiny and decision making
– the work and role of meeting chairs and meeting secretariats
– how to use meetings to make and implement effective decisions and ensure actions are taken

Learning will take place through presentation, Q&A sessions, group work, and exploring case studies. Like all our courses you will have access to course and assessment materials on the WuDo Moodle, as well as opportunities to ask follow up questions and access to useful materials including:

– supporting guidance on decision making;
– a template forward planner for committee and Board business;
– a planning guide for the effective production and dissemination of papers.


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