The Course At A Glance

A practical course to integrate process costing and BPR skills. At the end of the course, delegates will be able to assess costs in a process, calculate efficiency gains and use these to compare redesign options. The course is run as a one day or more in-depth two day course.

Learning Objectives

Organisations are now seeking efficiency savings in process costs and to demonstrate that they are delivering savings they are increasingly adopting the technique of Rough-cut Activity Based Costing (R-c ABC).

Also, we have found that in most Business Process Redesign (BPR) exercises organisations need to know where non-value adding costs are currently incurred in the process and what quantifiable impact the new design options will have on these.

R-c ABC is a tool that can give justification to any BPR exercise and help in establishing a business case for change.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?

The course is designed for anybody who has responsibility for improving processes and delivering efficiency savings. They certainly do not need to be accountants, but should be able to use their analytical skills.

The sessions are:

1. The Challenge of Assessing Process Costs

2. Activity Based Costing Principles

3. A Typical Route Map for Implementation

4. Calculating Process Costs

5. Understanding the Cost Driver(s) in a process

6. Putting Theory into Practice

7. Modelling Process Changes

8. Planning a Process Costing Project

This course uses a number of exercises and worksheets to help delegates understand the techniques and practice in a supportive environment before going out to collect and use process cost data in their own organisation.


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