Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is when the connection between a person and mother has been affected in a way which affects the development of emotional expression and building of relationships.
The difficulty with connection can cause a lack of trust, anxiety, anger, concern of getting to know people too closely and the need to keep control of situations.
This training course providers learners with the skills and knowledge required to support children and young people with a Reactive Attachment Disorder and to promote positive attachment whilst considering how resilience can reduce their vulnerability to separation and loss.

The aims of this training course are for learners to;

• Understand what Reactive Attachment Disorder is
• Understand why and how Reactive Attachment Disorder can effect children and young people
• Understand the importance of positive attachment
• Understand how resilience can reduce vulnerability
• Understand the importance of promoting positive attachments for children or young people and how this can be achieved by adapting and developing methods of support
• Understand different techniques and strategies for supporting children and young people

This half or full day training course can be delivered in your workplace or at our training suites near Stockport.


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