Stress at work is the leading cause of absenteeism. Most of us struggle with ongoing pressures and demands from our work, family and personal life and excessive long-term pressure can lead to a string of problems which affect health and reduce efficiency at work. How we interpret and perceive stress contributes to how we react to it. This course is designed to offer delegates a structured and practical approach to dealing with stress. It will enable delegates to recognise and avoid stress by using methods and techniques described. They will also be able to recognise and handle stress effectively, either personal stress or that recognised in others.

By the end of this course participants will:

• Be able to identify stress
• Know how to minimise stress
• Understand how to handle and overcome stress
• Understand how to ask for support when required


Introduction & Objectives

Introduction to Stress
• What is stress
• Physical signs and symptoms
• Why stress affects some people more than others

Minimising Stress Impact
• Recognising and removing triggers
• Dealing with situations positively
• Changing perceptions

Effective Problem Solving
• Minimising stressors in the environment
• Relaxing techniques
• Breathing and visualisation
• Mental and physical health issues

Sources of Support
• Internal Support
• External Support
• Do’s and Don’ts

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to reduce and manage work-related stress.


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