This TCP/IP training course is designed to introduce delegates to the TCP/IP protocol suite and the Internet Protocols. Throughout this 4-Day training course the technology presentations on the core protocols of the TCP/IP suite will be backed up by practical exercises using the common hardware and software used in data networks including Hubs, Ethernet Switches, Routers and the TCP/IP Applications themselves.

The TCP/IP suite, which is often referred to as the Internet Protocol Suite has formed the basis on which the Internet was built and continues to develop. These same protocols are also used in our private networks, and it is important for anyone involved in data network or Internet services to understand the fundamental workings of these protocols. Our mobile networks and Next Generation Networks still embrace these core protocols. Throughout this training course, delegates will get the opportunity to employ these core protocols and applications, and to analyze their operation with a view to understanding and also to troubleshoot any problems.

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Use a protocol analyser to understand and troubleshoot the core Internet Protocols.
– Provide and implement an effective IP Addressing scheme.
– Troubleshoot IP Address and configuration problems
– Construct a simple network using network hardware such as Ethernet Switches and Routers
– Use a range of simple utilities to perform discovery and troubleshoot the core IP protocols
– Setup and deploy a number of TCP/IP Applications such as FTP, TFTP and Telnet


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