Full-Day Course | £289 +VAT

This course offers all those who have a
responsibility for managing people or dealing with personnel issues the
opportunity to gain a working understanding of their legal responsibilities
under UK employment legislation. The course is continually updated
and illustrated with case law.

As well as London, it is also presented in Manchester and Birmingham

LONDON 6th June | BIRMINGHAM 13th July | MANCHESTER 16th November | LONDON 22nd November

Course Overview

The legal
duties and responsibilities of employers are enormous and there are many
circumstances where managers can get it wrong.  With the area of Employment
Law regularly changing it can be hard to remain up to date with these duties and

This comprehensive course will cover, in
considerable detail, the essential statutory duties with which an employer must
comply, as well as ensuring that you are fully up to date with the latest
changes and developments in the area of Employment Law.

Course Times:

09:30 – 17:00

Extra Benefits:

  • A Seminar Pack containing the information presented on the
  • A Certificate of Attendance


What Will You Learn?

  • What are the responsibilities of the employer?  What statutory rights
    does the employee have?
  • What checks should be carried out on criminal records and references?
  • What are the employer’s responsibilities to the Disclosure and Barring
  • What are the rules and risks when employing workers from another country?
  • What rights do European citizens have to work in the UK? 
  • What is an employment contract? Which terms are implied in an employment
    contract?  Which statutory terms are imposed?
  • What are the restrictions on zero-hours contracts?
  • Can an employer vary contractual terms? Can a restrictive covenant be
  • What are an employer’s responsibilities in relation to sick pay? What are
    the employee’s responsibilities when notifying their employers about sickness?
  • What duties are imposed by the Equality Act 2010? What are the combined
    discrimination provisions?
  • What are the regulations affecting maternity and paternity leave? 

  • How do the Working Time Regulations impact on the organisation of a
  • What legal holiday entitlement do employees have?
  • What is the National Minimum Wage?  Who is exempt?
  • What is the National Living Wage?
  • What constitutes wrongful dismissal?  What is constructive dismissal?
  • Who can and cannot claim unfair dismissal?
  • How far need employers comply with the ACAS Code of Practice?
  • What is the role of an Employment Tribunal?
  • What is early conciliation and a settlement agreement?  
  • How are the basic and compensatory awards calculated?
  • What constitutes redundancy?  How do you calculate an employee’s basic
    entitlement to redundancy pay?


Course Presenter:


Paul is a highly-qualified training professional specialising in employment law.  Paul has designed,
developed and delivered Business and Management Skills programmes that have
included topics such as Employment Law, Project Management and a variety of
essential management skills.


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