This Course is Designed For:

 Corporate Managers;
 Executive Managers;
 Senior Managers;
 Middle Managers;
 Junior Managers;
 Human Resource Managers;
 Board of Directors;
 Entrepreneurs;
 Supervisors;
 Organisational Development Practitioners;
 Management Graduates;
 Management Lecturers;
 Individuals with a genuine interest in Issues associated with Organisational Management.

Course Duration: 5 Days

By the conclusion of the established learning activities, delegates will be able to:
 Demonstrate how to conduct an exit interview;
 Demonstrate their ability to structure an induction programme;
 Demonstrate their understanding of the confidentiality and trust that must be upheld in mentoring, if the system is to work successfully;
 Determine local Intellectual Property Law;
 Determine the point at which induction, in reality, begins;
 Determine the type and level of training that a mentor or a potential mentor needs.
 Determine who owns the Intellectual Property Rights in varying scenarios;
 Devise an appropriate mentoring and coaching system to facilitate the learning and development of the newcomer;
 Devise an effective mentoring and coaching strategy;
 Effectively apply Intellectual property Rights conventions to organisational benefits;
 Ensure that the organisation’s;
 Intellectual property is protected at every level of the employee involvement;
 Special problems associated with a newcomer’s disorientation;
 Stage probationary evaluation and systematic feedback;
 The geographical displacement that a newcomer is likely to experience;
 Understand the difficulty that a newcomer will have learning as a result of information overload;
 Understand the need to phase and contextualise information dissemination to a newcomer;
 Understand the problems with which a newcomer to an organisation has to contend;
 Use the mentoring system as a professional development and organisational improvement strategy.

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