Duration – One day

Prioritising and effectively managing time is difficult for a lot of people and it is a common problem found in most workplaces. Prioritising and effectively managing a challenging workload can lead to a more productive workforce getting more important work done in less time and with less stress.

This workshop will assist participants to:

• Identify areas where time is not used effectively
• Know how to prioritise their activities and deal with conflicting priorities
• Improve their organisational skills
• Manage their time in meetings
• Delegate effectively


Course objectives and introductions

Time Analysis
• What are our time thieves?
• How are we spending our time?

Setting Priorities
• Using the key performance of our jobs to define individual time
• Management matrices
• Prioritising on a weekly and daily basis
• Managing changing priorities

Personal Organisation
• Telephones
• Unscheduled interruptions
• Emails
• Utilising time management tools

Productive meetings
• Time saving and value-added aspects of meetings

• How to delegate effectively

Action Session
• Time-defined personal action plans supported by consideration of how to sustain them until sound time management practises become habit

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for those who wish to develop their skills by managing their time more efficiently.


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