We all know a highly organised person whose life is controlled by the clock. Being obsessed with situations like punctuality can take over their lives.
This programme is not aimed at turning you into a time obsessive. The aim is simply to help you take better control of the way in which you use your time.’
To get the best use of the programme participants should complete a daily time log for at least a week (2 weeks would be even better) prior to attending the session.
They should complete it as they are going through the day and not retrospectively. This may seem onerous but it does ensure the best possible result.
Prior to attending the session, participants should look through their time logs to help them identify areas where they might not be making the best use of their time. You will be linking to this during the ‘Time Bandits’ session.
• What are your time bandits?
• If I had more time
• Overview of our approach to time management
• Ambitions
• Long Term Goals
• Turning goals into reality
• The 1’s
• What do suitcases and ‘to do’ lists have in common?
• Managing interruptions
• Procrastination
• Three key points
• Managing Meetings
• Delegation

This is a one day Management training course. It can be delivered in your workplace or in our training suites near Stockport.


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