Emotional Intelligence in Business Intelligence – an in-house training workshop
EQ, or Emotional Intelligence is a power tool for business and organisations. This in-house training course introduces Emotional Intelligence as a means of achieving goals and maximising performance in the business world, and particularly in the areas of leadership and employee development.
With well-tuned Emotional Intelligence, professionals can effectively recognise, use, understand and manage emotions to achieve a positive desired result. In a business context, this translates into relieving stress, overcoming obstacles and diffusing conflict.
Before the course, all participants will have the opportunity to take and online Emotional Intelligence Profile assessment. Throughout the course, this assessment will enable participants to understand their level of EQ competence and analyse the self awareness and self management scores.

Training Course Content
This training workshop is delivered according to each team or organisation’s needs and requirements. It will cover the following subject areas:
“Self” behaviours leading to increased professional skills.
Intra- and Inter-Personal Relationships and people “types”.
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Skills
“Other Awareness” – Understanding the impact that OUR style has on our Colleagues, Partners and our Clients Experience.
“Self Management” and E.I. Behaviours
Making one’s personality, Departments and Organisation “stand out from the Crowd” via practising E.I. behaviours daily
“Relationship Management”
How to create group synergy and motivation
How to display inspirational and motivational “Winning Behaviours and Attitudes” to Colleagues and fellow Staff members
How to apply the ABC of Behaviour Management using E.I. techniques
The powers of Influence that E.I. can offer
How to select and apply The 6 Leadership Styles of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader


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