The Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Skills course is the ultimate in negotiation skills development. It provides participants with the core skills they need to negotiate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner. It produces behaviour change and delivers a measurable improvement in performance through intensive and enjoyable skills coaching, delivered by engaging expert practitioners.

This course is appropriate for anyone who has the authority to negotiate or vary the terms of any arrangement; indeed any detail on price, timing, priority, specification or employment can benefit. Scotwork’s industry experience and training covers all sectors of commerce, industry and corporate negotiation.

Average ROI within the first three months is over ten times the course fee.

3 days of intensive training

Over 100 powerful, practical and effective teaching points covering:
• Negotiate your way out of conflict
• Consider the five major issues in preparation
• Use active listening techniques to pick up signals
• Use constructive questioning
• Make, pitch and respond to proposals
• Re-package deals without spending any more
• Assess concessions and identify priorities
• Effectively trade and bargain
• Improve recognition and use of closing opportunities
• Handle agreement and implementation stages
• Make and respond to multiple-pointed claims
• Defuse aggression and confrontation
• Handle deadlocks
• Use team negotiating skills
• Respond to common negotiating tactics
• Build partnership relationships with clients or suppliers
• Learn the secrets of win/win deals

Scotwork is the largest independent specialist negotiation skills development company in the world with an established and experienced licensed network of 36 offices across the globe, delivering over 1,000 courses per year in 24 languages.


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