This training course providers learners with the knowledge and skills required to support people with an Autism Spectrum Condition and considers the possible link between Autism and behaviours.
The course considers ways of supporting people with an Autism Spectrum Condition in way which may reduce the likelihood of behaviours being presented through the reduction of anxiety and the use of effective support and understanding of the condition.
This course focuses on a theoretical approach towards managing challenging behaviours by providing effective support which is preventative rather than reactive, and is not based on physical intervention or restrictive support.

The aims of this training course are for learners to;

• Understand what an Autism Spectrum Condition is and the different ways this can be presented
• Understand the main characteristics of Autism Spectrum Condition
• Understand how Autism Spectrum Condition can impact on the lives of people in different ways
• Understand different theories and concepts about Autism whilst confirming the facts
• Understand the legal and policy framework that underpins good Autism Spectrum Condition practice
• Understand how behaviours may link to challenges associated with Autism including communication, interaction, imagination and sensory challenges
• Understand how to provide effective support for people with an Autism Spectrum Condition

This half day awareness course can be delivered in the workplace or at our training suites near Stockport.


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