This training course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to support people who have an Autism Spectrum Condition in a classroom environment through learning and education.
The course provides a good introduction into Autism Spectrum Conditions and looks at how the condition can affect learning, including challenges with social situations, communication, imagination, interaction, sensory challenges, group work and multi-tasking.
The course considers the reasons why people with an Autism Spectrum Condition may find certain ways of learning, and learning environments challenging and discusses the various methods of encourage participation in the classroom.

The aims of this training course are for learners to;

• Understand what an Autism Spectrum Condition is and the different ways this can be presented
• Understand the main characteristics of Autism Spectrum Condition
• Understand the Speech, Language and Communication needs of People with Behavioural, Social and Emotional Difficulties
• Understand the importance of Special Educational Needs provision
• Understand how mentoring can support people during learning and development
• Understand how to support people to access education and training

This half day awareness course can be delivered in your workplace or in our training suites near Stockport.


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