Making better user stories with added value

A 1-day workshop to improve requirements, user stories writing and backlog management.

What is the right size for a User Story?

How do I write strong User Stories?

When do I use a Story and when do I use and Epic?

How do I determine business value?

In Agile, like traditional software development, work begins with customer requirements. Rather than a large English document most Agile teams work with small User Stories collecting into backlogs.

In this workshop we will look at how Agile teams work with stories and use multiple backlogs to guide their work. We will look at:

User Stories: what makes a good one, what makes a bad one
The difference between requirements and specifications
How specification by example and acceptance test criteria are used with stories to add detail
How stories are prioritised, value? risk? business benefit?
How value can be assigned to stories and value changes
Finally we will look at how backlogs can be structured to provide forward planning and visibility.

This workshop is highly interactive, participants will get to write stories, critique stories and assign a monetary value to each and every story. Questions and discussion is very much encouraged.


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