Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation
Speaker: Roger Burlton
27-29 November 2017, London
11-13 June 2018, London

Many Senior Business Analysts and Enterprise Architects are striving to change how the business operates as the world changes around us in order to deliver better customer value and achieve better operational outcomes. Many are focused on defining improved digital capability and on enabling greater flexibility based on emerging customer journeys. We believe that Business Architecture is essential in this world. But, it must start by first addressing the performance of business operations end-to-end for customers and other stakeholders before it attempts to establish new capabilities. For Business Analysts and Architects this business-first approach provides incredible opportunity to become trusted change agents in their enterprises making a strategic difference. It requires them to learn new competencies and influencing skills. This session will help enable these agents of change by providing a repeatable methodology and common structural framework to tackle enterprise analysis and design as well as business process management and capability renewal. It will bring the business view to enterprise architecture. Real life illustrations will be provided that show how it works. In working sessions, it will give delegates the practice in key methods and techniques to develop the right Business Architecture deliverables.

Learning Objectives

• Understand what a useful Business Architecture looks like
• Be able to apply enterprise-wide architecture models and techniques that are aligned and traceable
• Learn how to sell the Business Architecture value proposition and gain cross-organization acceptance
• Be able to develop a measurable architecture for planning, budgeting, organization design, compliance, human change management, and the introduction of breakthrough technologies
• Be able to use the architecture to accelerate capability change projects
• Discover how to address cultural barriers during architecture, business design and implementation


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