Poorly written documents reflect badly on your organisation and can lead to loss of business, misunderstandings and wasted time. This very practical one day course covers the skills required to write clear, concise, effective documents that achieve their purpose. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their own written work to the course as a basis for discussion and constructive feedback.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills for all types of documents and brush up their use of grammar and punctuation.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

•Demonstrate a practical understanding of the essentials of grammar, punctuation and use of language
•Tackle a range of writing tasks with increased skills and confidence
•Produce written documents that are clear, concise, well structured and achieve the desired results
•Choose the right language, tone and degree of formality for different purposes

Course Content

•Pros and cons of written communication and its importance at work
•Purposes of writing and different types of document
•Identifying common pitfalls and problem with written communication
•Refresher on grammar and punctuation with practical exercises
•Essential stages of writing and important questions to consider
•Tips for getting rid off writer’s block
•Planning and structuring with the purpose and readers in mind
•Constructing sentences with the right balance and emphasis
•Choosing language for clarity and to create the right tone
•Writing emails and awareness of email etiquette
•Practical writing exercises followed by feedback and discussion
•Personal action notes


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