Programme description
Since native speakers of Arabic all over the world are generally able to communicate effectively with each other irrespective of where they live, we take this same holistic approach in the way that we teach Arabic language, focusing on language unity, whilst fully integrating Arabic varieties.
The certificate in Contemporary Arabic is a fully experiential, contextualised and communicative course providing an intensive Arabic language and cultural experience, and preparing you for a wide range of professional, social and academic challenges. It will enable you to communicate effectively in both formal and informal, spoken and written Arabic, appropriate to the context in which you find yourself.
In this course learners of Arabic will develop a high level of communicative competence and language awareness, improving in linguistic ability and skills, as well as in cultural knowledge. This happens through a strong focus on the use of language for specific purposes such as business Arabic, academic Arabic, Arabic for tourism, law, media and journalism.

Who is this course for?
• Learners aiming to achieve a high level of spoken and written fluency in Arabic in a short space of time.
• Learners wishing to study Arabic language and culture in a communicative, interactive and motivating environment.
• Professionals who need Arabic in their related fields.
• Heritage learners and near native learners wishing to forge connections with their Arabic backgrounds.
• Students wishing to undertake an access course prior to further academic studies in a related field.
Levels: beginners to advanced
Mode of attendance: 20 hours, weekly – 4 hours, daily / 5 days a week
Total number of hours: 500

Programme dates:
Term 1: 23rd October – 22nd December 2017
Term 2: 15th January – 16th March 2018
Term 3: 9th April – 18th May 2018

Price: £7000 – Promotional price £6300
*One fully funded scholarship is available for this programme. For more information contact In this intensive course students will progress to a new level every 6 weeks and participants can join either at the beginning, or at the level agreed upon after assessment. Upon completion of the course, successful participants will be awarded with the Sharek Centre certificate in Contemporary Arabic.

Key features of the course
• Structured classes with experienced, well trained and qualified teachers
• An engaging and learning-rich environment
• An innovative teaching approach consisting of individual, pair, and team based activities
• A strong emphasis on ‘learning through doing’
• Contextualised learning incorporating role play, simulations and free discussion
• Regular out of class projects and guided homework tasks
• Presentations, interviews and performances
• The opportunity to be placed in a homestay with an Arabic speaking family
• Provision of opportunities for work experience in an Arabic speaking environment
• Visits to Arabic restaurants, Arabic TV channels and to various locations in London with an Arabic tour guide
A visit to an Arabic speaking country to practice, interact, connect, and network with people living there (additional cost)
Free participation in all Sharek Centre’s special events
Personalised support, feedback, help and advice from our teachers and tutors

A Sharek Centre achievement level certificate is awarded at the end of each level. The certificate in Contemporary Arabic is the equivalent of B2 level in the common European framework for language learning

Our story
Sharek Centre is a new, London-based, centre for holistic Arabic language learning, Arabic language teacher training and Arabic cultural awareness. We offer a range of programmes—from language courses for all levels of proficiency to business language solutions and professional development training for teachers – priding ourselves on being a global provider of immersive Arabic language study. With a dedicated team of experts in the fields of Arabic language and teacher training, we emphasise personalised attention to the needs of the learner, enabling them to communicate effectively with native Arabic speakers.

Our approach
At Sharek Centre we focus on the practical use of the Arabic language for today’s world. Through our holistic approach to language learning, we integrate communication skills with cultural elements to expose learners to the rich tradition of Arab language and culture. A key feature of our strategy involves teachers and learners sharing and exchanging their experiences of Arabic with one another. Sharek’s language courses revolve around shared and complementary learning, putting the learner and the way they experience the Arabic language—in and outside the classroom—at the centre of our process. We also strongly emphasise the practical aspects of learning, with conversation as a starting point from which to enjoy the language and the rich cultural heritage behind it.

Studying Arabic in London
With our central position next to the British museum, right in the heart of a bustling multicultural city, we are very well placed to establish links and opportunities for learning with London’s thriving Arab community of over 100,000 people. We have connections with many of London’s Arab media and cultural centres and regularly organise visits to these and to cultural events such as this year’s Shubbak Festival of contemporary Arabic culture, the BBC Arabic Film Festival and the London Arabia Fashion and Art Week. These are an important part of the course, ensuring that language learnt in class is activated in the world outside the classroom and that London’s rich Arabic culture is fully integrated into everything that we do.


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