At RRC we have helped millions of students achieve professional qualifications – it’s what we do, and we really are the experts. We offer a range of CITB ConstructionSkills classroom courses that is delivered by one of our highly experienced tutors at one of our high-quality venues (or on your company premises). If you are looking for training for your organisation, we can also tailor our coursses to suit your specific requirements.

Certificates for all courses are valid for five years (although it is recommended that the refresher courses are undertaken within three years of completing the original course).

Employers may be able to claim a CITB-ConstructionSkills Grant to offset the cost of employees attending eligible training courses and achieving recognised qualifications. Employers must be in-scope and registered with CITB-ConstructionSkills at the time of training. Details about the grant can be found at

If you want to achieve a recognised and highly respected CITB-ConstructionSkills qualification that will help you or your employees make a real difference in your workplace, RRC is the only organisation worth choosing.


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