This Course is Designed For:
 Industrial Advisers;
 Industrial Administrators;
 Industrial Engineers;
 Industrial Engineers;
 Industrial Planners;
 Industrial Researchers;
 Senior Administrators;
 Managers;
 Supervisors;
 Team Leaders;
 Corporate Secretaries;
 Those interested in Corporate Functions and Corporate Affairs.

Duration: 10 Days
By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:
 Define corporate governance in relation to the processes, customs, policies, laws and institutions affecting the way a corporation is directed, administered or controlled;
 Relate corporate governance to the relationships that persists between internal and external stakeholders, particularly in relation to the establishment of organisational goals and objectives;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the organisation’s responsibility and accountability to its shareholders as primary stakeholders;
 Exhibit a heightened awareness of the organisation’s accountability to its Board of Directors;
 Accurately locate an organisation’s management and workers within the ‘internal-external-stakeholder-spectrum;’
 Distinguish between winding up or insolvency, Bankruptcy, Receivership, and Administration;
 Demonstrate an understanding of the difference that exists between ordinary and preference shares;
 Assess the implications of the ‘Receivership’ of a company for its statutory, primary and secondary creditors;
 Explain the order in which the proceeds of a company’s assets will be distributed among its creditors, in the event of it falling into ‘Receivership;’
 Exhibit an understanding of what constitutes the rights and equitable treatment of shareholders;
 Explain how the interests of secondary stakeholders can be preserved;
 Outline the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors;
 Outline salient steps that can be taken to preserve an organisation’s integrity;
 Establish the array of issues that are enshrined in a company’s ethical behaviour; and
 Determine the importance of operational ‘transparency’ in the face of the regulatory authorities’ demand and in the enhancement of shareholder and client confidence.

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