This Course is Designed For:

 Investors;
 Executives;
 Directors;
 Senior Managers;
 Financial Analysts;
 Industrial Analysts;
 Business Development Managers;
 Business Owners;
 Entrepreneurs.

Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the support and advisory services for industry can be strengthened;
 Determine the support programme to restructure, upgrade and increase; competitiveness in companies in priority sub-sectors;
 Create and maintain Statistical and Information Networks;
 Identify the strategies relevant in Promoting Research and Development (R & D) Incentivisation;
 Analyse the Nissan UK-European case;
 Demonstrate an understanding about the Taiwanese offshoring hosting;
 Discover how the following systems help in Stimulating Industrial Investment:
‘Fitch Ratings’ System;
Standard and Poor’s Rating;
Moody’s Investors Service’s Rating;
International Investment Forum “Sochi-2008”.
 Determine the reasons for initiative failure through the following examples:
The ‘British-Delorum’ Example;
‘Car Plant for a Pound (£1.00)’;
The Rover-BMW Fiasco;
British Steel VS Corus of the Netherlands;
Catastrophic Tax Havens;
The Irish Textile Factory Rejection.
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the techniques in setting a favourable environment for businesses;
 Suggest ways on how to boost research and innovation;
 Analyse the French example;
 Identify and explain the aspects of the Projects that can help Improve France’s Economic Attractiveness;
 Develop different ways of improving national and international economic appeal;
 Develop features of an attractive economic environment for the investor;
 Suggest ways on how to improve the conditions for incoming executives and management personnel;
 Determine how competitiveness and support to the industrial restructuring can be improved;
 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of development banks in stimulating and maintaining industrial investment;
 Categorise company legal status;
 Identify the factors associated with a choice of legal status of a company;
 Enumerate the issues in favour of and mitigating against particular legal status;
 Enumerate the legal requirement for company formation;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the Reporting Requirement imposed upon a company;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the Accounting Requirement imposed upon a company;
 Use the rules in Accounting Reporting required by a company;
 Explain about international trade and legal requirement;
 Distinguish among import and export and national, regional and international embargo;
 Determine Product Needs and Wants;
 Ascertain how Scientific Research is conducted;
 Explain how Scientific Research are funded;
 Utilise Pre-existing Scientific Research Findings;
 Determine how Social Research is conducted;
 Establish how Marketing Research Agents are used;
 Calculate Depreciation;
 Differentiate between ‘accounting depreciation’ and ‘real depreciation’;
 Calculate fixed costs, variable costs and return on investment;
 Deal with the following funding sources:
National Governments;
Social Development Funds;
Investment Banks;
National Development Banks;
Regional Development Banks;
Commercial Banks;
Economic Development Funds;
City Regeneration Funds;
Regional Governments;
The World Bank;
Venture Capitalists;
International Venture Capitalists.

The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following:
 Free Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days;
 Free Hot Lunch on Event Days;
 Free City Tour;
 Free Stationery;
 Free On-site Internet Access;
 HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Diploma – Postgraduate – or
 Certificate of Attendance and Participation – if unsuccessful on resit.

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