This Course is Designed For:

 Human Resource Professionals;
 Human Resource Managers;
 Human Resource Specialists who need to expand their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of human resources management;
 Managers who need current, specialized knowledge;
 Experienced managers who are new to the HR field;
 Other mid-level managers pursuing a career change or promotion;
 Business consultants;
 Those considering entering the field of Human Resource Management Early- to midcareer professionals who need to manage the increasing complexity of interpersonal or organizational dynamics in their jobs;
 Entrepreneurs who want to learn about human resource management;
 Small business owners who do not have in-house professional Human Resource;
 Management expertise.

Duration: 5 Days
Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:
 Demonstrate understanding of distinction between personnel management and human resource management;
 Indicate the significant aspects in development of human resource management and personnel management;
 Demonstrate an appreciation of important of welfare in the development of personnel management and human resource management;
 Relate the part played by Cadburys Rowntree in the development of personnel management and human resource management;
 Manage the strategic role;
 Illustrate the difference between the Hard approach to HRM and Soft approach to HRM;
 Suggest the importance of human resource planning in organisation management;
 Illustrate the significance of effective human resource;
 Determine the links between corporate planning and human resource planning;
 Indicate how human resource planning can support business systems;
 Determine when there is a need to review an organization human resource plans;
 Determine the factors influencing human resource planning;
 Demonstrate their understanding of the importance of employee Resourcing in an organisational context;
 Demonstrate their understanding of the different employee resourcing strategy;
 Demonstrate their understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of individual employee Resourcing strategy;
 Draw a parallel between material and facilities Resourcing and people Resourcing, from the standpoint of organisational effectiveness;
 Defend the strategic importance of employee Resourcing;
 Link employee Resourcing with business and organisational development;
 Devise an effective employee Resourcing strategy;
 Demonstrate understanding of different type and levels of organisational flexibility, from an Industrial Relation or Employee Relations prospective;
 Suggest what Numerical Flexibility means;
 Indicate the benefits of functional flexibility of workers and managers;
 Indicate the relationship between Temporal Flexibility and Financial Flexibility;
 Decide what workers or managers are likely to gain from Geographical Flexibility;
 Demonstrate their understanding of an effective job design system;
 Relate the factors to be taken into account to ensure that job design tribute to organisational success;
 Illustrate the legal bases of job design;
 Distinguish between the different types of job design;
 Demonstrate an understanding of ergonomics in job design;
 Indicate the factors that contribute to fatigue and fatigue reduction;
 Create a match between individual capabilities and orientation, on the one hand, and job design features, on the other;
 Distinguish between the different types of job design;
 Relate job design factors to the law;
 Demonstrate an understanding of ‘reasonable support’;
 Illustrate the ‘balance’ that might be made between candidate immediate suitability and the possibility of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following:
 Free Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days;
 Free Hot Lunch on Event Days;
 Free City Tour;
 Free Stationery;
 Free On-site Internet Access;
 HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute’s Diploma – Postgraduate – or
 Certificate of Attendance and Participation – if unsuccessful on resit.

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