Duration – One day

Good customer service is of vital importance for all businesses, large or small. It is more important now than ever to retain loyal customers and encourage rapport with existing and new customers. This course is designed to raise awareness of the Customer Service standards required in an organisation.

By the end of the course participants will:

• Understand the mind-set, knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a professional service
• Know how to use their interpersonal skills to build positive working relationships with internal and external customers
• Deal with difficult situations and customers with tact and professionalism


Course objectives and introductions

Putting Customer care in context
• What is customer care? (material and personal service)
• Why is it important to an organisation
• Understanding what customers want

Developing a positive customer service mindset
• The language we use
• The tone we set
• How our body language can help or hinder
• Scale of difficult behaviour
• The Attitude cycle (how our behaviour influences others’ responses to us)

Using interpersonal skills to develop working relationships
• Customer Care Cycle (listening, clarifying, responding, act)
• Identifying customers’ needs – informed questioning
• Understand our responses to difficult situations– passive, aggressive, assertive
• How to build rapport
• Using receptive and expressive skills

Dealing with difficult situations
• Strategies for dealing with difficult customers
• Practice sessions using case-studies

Action Session
• Participants will identify what actions they will take enhance their own levels of Customer Service for the organisation

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for anyone who deals directly with a business’ or organisation’s customers and who comes into direct contact with customers, both face-to-face and on the phone.


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