This one day course focuses on ensuring that the performance of the team contributes to meeting strategic objectives. Delegates will learn how to identify performance targets that will meet strategic objectives and secure commitment to the objectives.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Set team performance targets to meet strategic objectives
– Secure commitment to performance targets
– Monitor performance against agreed objectives
– Apply influencing and persuading skills to the dynamics and politics of personal interactions


Setting strategic objectives:
-Links between team performance and strategic objectives
-Setting performance targets
-Measuring team performance

Agreeing performance targets:
-Identifying performance gaps
-Encouraging individual commitment
-Applying delegation, mentoring and coaching to achieve objectives

Monitoring team performance:
-Evaluating performance against agreed objectives
-Evaluating the impact of performance on strategic objectives

Influencing and persuading skills:
-Gaining commitment of individuals
-Impact of individual interests and organisational politics on securing commitment of individuals


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